Annalisa Coliva

Professor, Philosophy
School of Humanities

Chair, Philosophy
School of Humanities

Co-Director Medical Humanities Minor
School of Humanities

Ph.D., St Andrews (UK), 2001, Philosophy

Ph.D., Università del Piemonte Orientale "Amedeo Avogadro", Vercelli, Italy, 2001, Philosophy of language

M.A., St Andrews (UK), 1997, Philosophy

A.B., Università degli Studi di Bologna, Italy, 1996, Philosophy

Phone: (949) 824-6525

University of California, Irvine
56 Humanities Instructional Building
Mail Code: 4555
Irvine, CA 92697

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Epistemology, Philosophy of mind and language, History of Analytic Philosophy
Fulbright Research Scholar (2002, Columbia University, NY)
Italian Academy Research Fellow (2004, Columbia University, NY)
Alexander von Humboldt Fellow (2006-7, Heidelberg)
Bogliasco Research Fellow (2007)
Invited Professor at Paris 7-Denis Diderot, Department of History and Philosophy of Science (2009)
Visiting Fellow, Institut Jean Nicod (CNRS, Paris) (2011, 2012)
Chargé de cours, Department of Philosophy, Genève (2013)
O´Brien Distinguished Professorship, Scripps College, California (2014).
Appointments 2010-2016 Associate Professor, Department of Sciences of language and culture, UNIMORE.
2005-2010 Assistant Professor (tenured), Department of Sciences of language and culture, UNIMORE;
2003 Post-doctoral fellow, Department of Sciences of Culture, UNIMORE;
2001-2003 Post-doctoral fellow, Department of Philosophy, University of Fribourg (CH);
2000-2002 Post-doctoral fellow, Department of Philosophy, University of Bologna;
2001-2002 Temporary lecturer in the Department of Philosophy, University of Bologna.
In epistemology, I have developed a form of "hinge epistemology" and I have explored its bearing on scepticism, relativism, testimony, our knowledge of basic logical laws and other basic principles of human inquiry.

In philosophy of mind, I have worked on indexicals, particularly 'I', and demonstratives, on the nature of perceptual content and on the nature of concepts and of intententional mental states.

At the interface between epistemology and the philosophy of mind, I have developed a pluralistic account of self-knowledge.

In history of analytic philosophy my work concerns mostly G. E. Moore and L. Wittgenstein with special reference to their contributions to epistemology.

Lately, I have developed an interest in various topics in social epistemology and in epistemological issues concerned with medical humanities and digital media.
Publications Monographs

(1) (with M. Baghramian) Relativism, Routledge, forthcoming.
(2) The Varieties of Self-Knowledge. London, Palgrave, 2016
(3) Extended Rationality. A Hinge Epistemology. London, Palgrave, 2015
(4) Scetticismo. Dubbio, paradosso, conoscenza, Roma-Bari, Laterza, 2012.
(5) Moore and Wittgenstein. Scepticism, Certainty and Common Sense, London, Palgrave, 2010.
(6) I modi del relativismo, Laterza, Roma, 2009.
(7) (with E. Lalumera) Pensare. Leggi ed errori del ragionamento, Carocci, Roma, 2006/1, 2014/4.
(8) I concetti. Teorie ed esercizi, Carocci, Roma, 2004/1, 2007/2.
(9) Moore e Wittgenstein: scetticismo, certezza e senso comune, Il Poligrafo, Padova, 2003.
(10) (with E. Sacchi) Singular Thoughts. Perceptual Demonstrative Thoughts and I-Thoughts, Quodlibet, Macerata, 2001.

Edited Books

(1) (with N. Pedersen) Epistemic Pluralism, Palgrave, forthcoming.
(2) (with P. Leonardi) Language, Language, Language. Essays in Honor of Eva Picardi, London, Palgrave, forthcoming.
(3) (with D. Moyal-Sharrock) Hinge Epistemology, Brill, 2016.
(4) (with D. Moyal-Sharrock and V. Munz) Mind, Language and Action. Proceedings of the 36th International Wittgenstein Symposium, Berlin, De Gruyter, 2015.
(5) (with C. Calabi, A. Sereni & G. Volpe) Teorie della conoscenza. Il dibattito contemporaneo, Milano, Raffaello Cortina, 2015.
(6) Mind, Meaning and Knowledge. Themes from the Philosophy of Crispin Wright, Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2012.
(7) The Self and Self-Knowledge, Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2012.
(8) Filosofia analitica. Temi e problemi, Carocci, Roma, 2007.
(9) (with E. Picardi) Wittgenstein Today, Il Poligrafo, Padova, 2004.
  Papers, Book Chapters, Reviews, Encyclopedic Entries

(1) "Disagreeing with myself. Doxastic commitments, Moore's paradox and belief revision", American Philosophical Quarterly, forthcoming.
(2) "Practical knowledge and linguistic competence", in A. Coliva and P. Leonardi (eds.) Language, Language and Language. Essays in Honor of Eva Picardi, London, Palgrave, forthcoming.
(3) “Moore and Mooreanism”, in B. Reed and D. Machuca (eds.), Scepticism. From Antiquity to Present, Bloomsbury, forthcoming.
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UCHRI Grant for Collaborative conference 2017
Medical Humanities UCI, Curriculum Development Grant 2017
PRIN 2010-2011 "Realismo e oggettività" (period of the grant: 2013-2016). PI of the Research Unit based at UNIMORE.
Grant for "Incentivazione dell´offerta formativa in lingua inglese", Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia (2012, 2013, 2014).
Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship Grant (2006-7, Heidelberg)
Italian Academy Research Fellowship Grant (2004, Columbia University, NY)
Fulbright Research Scholarship Grant (2002, Columbia University, NY)
Italian Government grant for a PhD (1997-2001); Top-up Award, University of St. Andrews (1998, 1999, 2000); SAAS (Scottish Academy Awards) grant for the M. Litt (1997); ERASMUS grant (St. Andrews) (2005-6).
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