Megan Boysen Osborn

Associate Professor of Clinical Emergency Medicine

Residency Program Director

Senior Associate Editor, JETem

Co-Director, Multimedia Design and Educational Technologies Fellowship

M.D., UC Irvine, School of Medicine, 2007

B.A., University of San Diego, 2002, Chemistry

M.H.P.E., University of Illinois, Chicago, 2015

Phone: (714) 456-3530

University of California, Irvine
333 City Boulevard West
Suite 640
Mail Code: 4064
Orange, CA 92868

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Medical Education, residency admissions, neuro-ophthalmologic emergencies, cardiac emergencies, ultrasound
URLs @docMBO
The Journal of Education and Teaching in Emergency Medicine
2017 Orange County Medical Association Physician of Excellence
2017 Excellence in Teaching Award
2016 Top 5 Press-Ganey ED Physicians
2016 Super Doctors, Southern California
2016 New Speakers Forum Winner, WR-SAEM
2015 National CPC Competition Winner
2015 Top 5 Press-Ganey ED Physicians
2015 Super Doctors, Southern California
2014 Super Doctors Southern California, Rising Star
2014 Fellow, American College of Emergency Physicians
2014 Fellow, American Academy of Emergency Medicine
2014 Medical Student Teaching Award
2014 Excellence in Teaching Award
2013 Super Doctors Southern California, Rising Star
2010 Resident Teaching Award
2009 American Academy of Emergency Medicine Resident of the Year
2007 Society for Emergency Medicine Excellence in Emergency Medicine Award
2006 Alpha Omega Alpha Honors Society
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Grant Alpha Omega Alpha Carolyn Kuckein Research Fellowship 2006
American Academy of Emergency Medicine
American College of Emergency Physicians
Society for Academic Emergency Medicine
Other Experience Academic Fellow
Stanford University 2010—2011

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