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Douglas R. White
Professor, Anthropology
School of Social Sciences

Graduate Director, Social Networks
School of Social Sciences

PH.D., Minnesota, 1969
Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung (Distinguished Senior Social Scientist)
Computational social science, mathematical anthropology, social networks, longitudinal analysis, development and social change, social simulation and game theory (
I am interested in how societies, cultures, social roles and historical agents of change evolve dynamically out of multiple networks of social action. To what extent do diffuse "weak-tie" structures of matrimonial and kinship networks, for example, operate to construct social class, ethnicity, and the particular social structures, gender roles, social cognition, etc., of local communities embedded in a larger political economy? How does the network structure of the world political economy engender the opportunity and constraint structures of more localized social activity? I work with several types of comparative data with longitudinal time depth (kinship and marriage networks; demographic
baseline studies; global political events and economic exchange). Recent publications include:
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2005 Network Analysis and Ethnographic Problems: Process Models of a Turkish Nomad Clan. Douglas R. White and Ulla C. Johansen. Hardback 2004 ISBN # 0-7391-0896-4. (Google books) (Google book Chapters 1-4, 6, 8) 2002 Networks and Complexity: Special Issue, Complexity 8(1). full PDFs for all articles

1999. Controlled Simulation of Marriage Systems Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation vol. 2, no. 3
1997. Class, Property and Structural Endogamy: Visualizing Networked Histories (Lilyan Brudner & drw). Theory and Society 25:161-208.
1992. Structure and Dynamics of the Global Economy: Network Analysis of International Trade 1965-1980. (first author David Smith). Social Forces 70:857-94.
1998. Kinship, Networks and Exchange Eds. Thomas Schweizer, drw. Cambridge University Press.
1989. Research Methods in Social Network Analysis Eds. L.C.Freeman, drw, A.K. Romney. Transaction Press.
President 1992-1993: Social Science Computing Association.
International Network for Social Network Analysis
University of California
3544 Gateway Building SBSG
4169 Social Science Plaza A
Mail Code: 5100
Irvine, CA 92697
(949) 824-5893, 8495
(949) 824-4717
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