Christine Luu Cadiz

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Health Sciences Clinical Associate Professor
School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences
B.S., University of California Santa Barbara, 2003, Aquatic Biology
B.A., University of California Santa Barbara, 2003, Cultural Anthropology
M.A.T., University of California Irvine, 2005
Pharm.D., University of California San Diego, 2012
University of California, Irvine

Mail Code: 3958
Irvine, CA 92697
Research Interests
nephrology, pharmacogenomics, cardiology, teaching and learning
Short Biography
Dr. Cadiz currently practices as a clinical pharmacist in cardiology, with a specialty in advanced heart failure. She is board certified in pharmacotherapy and holds an advanced practice pharmacist license.

Dr. Cadiz has been a pharmacy educator since 2013, having taught students and residents in didactic and experiential coursework, as well as serving as a residency program coordinator and director. She currently teaches in the didactic curriculum in the first year Pharmacy Practice series as well as the second year Cardiology Pharmacotherapy course. Dr. Cadiz also continues to precept students and residents on clinical rotations and is currently serving as the Chair of the PharmD Education Committee charged with oversight of the program's curriculum.
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All of Us Investigator Grant. Project: Safer medication use for All of Us: developing a clinical prediction model for adverse drug events (SPADE). Funding Source: Genetic Epidemiology Research Institute (GERI) and the UCI All of Us Research Program, in collaboration with the Office of Data and Information Technology. Jan 2021. Award: $2500; Role: Principal Investigator
All of Us Investigator Grant. Project: Describing vaccination-related characteristics in All of Us. Funding Source: Genetic Epidemiology Research Institute (GERI) and the UCI All of Us Research Program, in collaboration with the Office of Data and Information Technology. Jan 2021. Award: $2500; Role: Co-Investigator
Professional Societies
California Society of Health Systems Pharmacists
American College of Clinical Pharmacy
Other Experience
PGY-1 Pharmacy Residency
UCSF Medical Center 2012—2013
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