Lee Nguyen, Pharm.D., APh, BCPS, BCIDP

Picture of Lee Nguyen, Pharm.D., APh, BCPS, BCIDP
Health Sciences Associate Clinical Professor
School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences
B.S., University of California, Irvine, Biology
Pharm.D., University of California, San Francisco
Pharmacy Practice Residency, University of California, San Francisco
Infectious Diseases Specialty Residency, University of Southern California
Phone: 949.824.5953
Email: l.nguyen@uci.edu
University of California, Irvine
Berk Hall
802 W. Peltason
Mail Code: 4625
Irvine, CA 92617
Research Interests
Infectious Diseases, Antimicrobial Stewardship, Clinical Pharmacy, Evidence-based Practice, Outcomes Research, Resistance, Pharmacist
Previous Appointments:
Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice, Loma Linda University School of Pharmacy
Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice, Loma Linda University School of Pharmacy
Faculty in Residence - Infectious Diseases Pharmacist, St. Jude Medical Center
Faculty in Residence - Internal Medicine Pharmacist, Loma Linda University Medical Center
Awards and Honors
Favorite Professor Quote Award (2016), Loma Linda University School of Pharmacy
Favorite Professor Quote Award (2015), Loma Linda University School of Pharmacy
Preceptor of the Year (2009), Loma Linda University School of Pharmacy
Short Biography
Dr. Lee Nguyen is an infectious diseases pharmacist with a passion for antimicrobial stewardship and pharmacy education. Dr. Nguyen established an antimicrobial stewardship program at St. Jude Medical Center years prior to regulatory requirements mandating the change. The program was one of the first to be spotlighted by the California Department of Public Health’s Antimicrobial Stewardship Program Project and he has served as a mentor to other hospitals developing their stewardship programs. Dr. Nguyen is able to merge his two passions of pharmacy education and antimicrobials stewardship by including relevant clinical cases in his courses and through mentorship in quality improvement/research projects related to antimicrobials. Dr. Nguyen and his students have presented outcomes-based research at national and international infectious diseases meetings. In addition to student mentorship, Dr. Nguyen has mentored pharmacy practice residents on their research projects as well as provide guidance as the academic residency coordinator. A fulfilling part of the profession is being able to serve as a resource for colleagues, healthcare providers, residents, and students.
Book Chapters
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Peer Reviewed Publications
Anwar K, Nguyen L, Nagasaka M, Ou SI, Chan A. Overview of Drug-Drug Interactions Between Ritonavir-Boosted Nirmatrelvir (Paxlovid) and Targeted Therapy and Supportive Care for Lung Cancer. JTO Clin Res Rep. 2023 Feb;4(2):100452. doi: 10.1016/j.jtocrr.2022.100452. Epub 2022 Dec 17.

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Infectious Diseases Society of America
European Society of Clin Microbiology & Infectious Diseases
Society of Infectious Disease Pharmacists
American College of Clinical Pharmacy
American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy
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