Jonathan H Watanabe

Picture of Jonathan H Watanabe
Associate Dean of Pharmacy Assessment and Quality
School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences
Professor of Clinical Pharmacy
College of Health Sciences
B.S., University of Washington, Zoology
Pharm.D., University of Southern California
M.S., University of Washington Comparative Health Outcomes Policy and Economics Institute
Ph.D., University of Washington Comparative Health Outcomes Policy and Economics Institute
Phone: (858)876-4373
University of California, Irvine

Irvine, CA
Research Interests
Health Policy, Underserved Populations, Health Economics, Outcomes Research, Medications, Opioid Use Disorder, Older Adult Care, Real-World Data, Long-Term Care, Pharmacy, Pharmacist-directed care, Affordability and Access to Care
Inaugural Fellow, University of Washington/Allergan Global Health Economics and Outcomes Research Fellowship, 2007-2009.
Awards and Honors
-National Academy of Medicine (former Institute of Medicine) Anniversary Fellow, 2016-2018
-National Academy of Medicine Emerging Leader in Health and Medicine Scholar, National Academy of Medicine (2018- 2021)
-University of Washington Distinguished Alumnae in Pharmaceutical Science and Research award (2018).
-University of Washington School of Pharmacy "Alumni Legend", School of Pharmacy 125th Anniversary Celebration (2019)
-Distinguished Fellow, non-profit Get the Medications Right Institute (2019 - present)
-NIH Loan Repayment Program Awardee 2016-2018
-Keynote Speaker Chapman University School of Pharmacy Research Day 2021
-Peter P. Lamy Memorial Lecture Award, American Society of Consultant Pharmacists Annual Meeting 2021
-Value Assessment Challenge Award 2020 PhRMA Foundation
-UC San Diego Faculty-in-Residence Cross-Cultural Center (2017-2018)
-Member of the UC Faculty Task Force of the California Health Benefit Review Program
Short Biography
Professor Watanabe is a board-certified geriatrics pharmacist, health economist, and outcomes researcher. He serves as a Member of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) Forum on Drug, Discovery, Development, and Translation. He is an appointed member of the Board of Directors of the California Geriatrics Society of the American Geriatrics Society. Professor Watanabe has been involved in methods development for pragmatic clinical trials through the FDA-sponsored Real-World Evidence Series and served on the steering committee for the Drug Research Development in Older Adults Workshop. He was appointed to the NASEM Committee on Methadone Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder: Examining Federal Regulations and Laws sponsored by the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy. Professor Watanabe applies real-world data to develop policy solutions to improve patient care, bolster population-health, enhance access and equity for marginalized populations and reduce medical costs. He was a contributor to the NASEM report Making Medicines Affordable: a National Imperative and served on the committee for the Medications in Single-Dose Vials: Implications of Discarded Drugs Report. He has provided briefings to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, United States Senate Finance, Appropriations, House Ways and Means, Senate HELP, and House Energy and Commerce Committee and Briefings to United States House of Representatives Appropriations Committee Staff on the implications of discarded medications and steps to take to reduce wasted medications. Dr. Watanabe's research on health implications of non-optimized medication regimens has been cited in multiple successful state legislative efforts to bolster patient-centered care and medication management, and he has testified before the California Senate Health Panel regarding value of comprehensive medication management services to bolster the health and wellness of Californians enrolled in Medicaid. He is appointed to the Task Force of the California Health Benefits Review Program of the California State Legislature and served on the Advisory Group on Pain Assessment and Management in Long-Term Care Settings for the Joint Commissions. He has been involved in national quality metrics development on long-term care and transitions of care with prior service on the Pharmacy Quality Alliance. He has previously served on the American Academy of Neurology Neurotherapies Workgroup on Pharmacoeconomics. Dr. Watanabe was the first recipient of the University of Washington/Allergan Global Health Economics and Outcomes Research Fellowship. He received his BS from the University of Washington, his PharmD from the University of Southern California, and his MS and PhD from the University of Washington Comparative Health Outcomes, Policy, and Economics (CHOICE) Institute. He is past recipient of the University of Washington Distinguished Alumnae in Pharmaceutical Science and Research award. He is a past National Academy of Medicine (NAM) Anniversary Fellow in Pharmacy sponsored by the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy and the American College of Clinical Pharmacy. He served as a Scholar in the NAM Emerging Leaders in Health and Medicine Program and serves as a Distinguished Fellow of the Get the Medications Right Institute. He serves on the journal editorial board for The Senior Care Pharmacist, official journal of the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists. He has prior direct-patient care clinical experience at the Medicare-Medicaid Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) program, assisted living, skilled nursing, and long-term care settings.
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