Marcus Seldin

Picture of Marcus Seldin
Assistant Professor, Biological Chemistry
School of Medicine
Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University, 2014
Postdoc, UCLA, 2019
Phone: 949 824-6765
University of California, Irvine
314 Sprague Hall
Mail Code: 1700
Irvine, Ca 92697
Research Interests
Systems Genetics, Endocrine Physiology, Metabolism, Cell-Cell Communication
Research Abstract
We are interested in dissecting mechanisms of integrative physiology using systems genetics approaches. Specifically, we are focused in leveraging natural variation in mice and humans to dissect modes of interorgan communication. This entails examination of population data for concordant patterns of genetic architecture, clinical traits and intermediary molecular information (eg. transcripts, proteins and/or metabolites). The basic intuition for these approaches assumes that striking links exists between genetic variation and clinical outcomes which can only be understood when analyzed alongside molecular information. We use a combination of bioinformatics, biochemical and physiologic experimental approaches.
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Cellular and Molecular Biosciences
Mathematical and Computational Biology
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