Ramy M. Hanna

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Associate Clinical Professor, Step I, Medicine
School of Medicine
Program Director, Nephrology Fellowship Training Program
School of Medicine
B.S., UCLA, 2003, MIMG-Microbiology Immunology and Molecular Genetics
M.D., UCSD, 2007, Medicine
Phone: (714) 456-5142
Fax: (714) 456-6034
Email: ramyh1@uci.edu
University of California, Irvine
333 City Boulevard West
Suite 400
Mail Code: 4088
Orange, CA 92868
Research Interests
VEGF blockade, nephrotoxicity of intravitreal VEGF blockade, systemic toxicity. V2 blockers, hyponatremia, SIADH, TMA, aHUS, TTP, Glomerular disease, CKD, AKI, advanced mechanical cardiac support and dailysis.
Academic Distinctions
Phi Beta Kappa 2003
Top Physicians 2018
Marquis Who's Who 2019
FASN 2017
FACP 2019
Research Abstract
I am an Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine and Nephrology at the University of California Irvine UCI-Health. Currently I am best described as a clinician-educator working on reporting of anti vegf agent toxicity (systemic, and intravitreal). I am also interested in AHUS and TMA treatment and clinical outcomes, as well as cases of C3 GN and novel outcomes with C5 and C3 complement blockade. I have done prior work on dysnatremias and sodium correction modeling, as well as optimization of vaptan clinical response. Glomerular disease is also a key area of interest, with case reports written up when evidence of novel pathology or interest is found. I am also generally familiar with onco-nephrology. As far as Clinical interests GNs, care of underserved populations are my niche areas. I am looking to grow in EMR optimization and automation, and have specific interests within the expansive field of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning related to diagnostic algorithms to assist with TMA diagnoses.
Patient education article 6: Hanna RM Keeping your kidneys young. UCLA Core Kidney website. 06/2018.

Patient education article 5: Hanna RM Complement disorders and the kidney a patient education tool

Patient education article: 4 Hanna RM Diabetic Nephropathy Patient Education Seminar: “Diabetes and your kidneys” (slides)

Patient education article 3: Hanna RM. Glomerulonephritis a patient education tool. To be published on UCLA Core Kidney website-Published on UCLA Core Kidney website 11/2017.

Patient education article 2: Hanna RM. VEGF inhibitors & kidney disease. Published on UCLA Core Kidney website 10/2017.

Patient education article 1: Hanna RM, Hasnain H, The kidney rocks-stones of the urinary track, published on UCLA Core Kidney Site 10/2017.

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62. Book Chapter: Kidney Protection, chapter 26: Chemotherapeutic agents and the Kidney

63. Book Chapter: Current Essentials of Nephrology: Bacteruria, funguria, and UTI chapters

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