Nathan Rojek

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Assistant Professor, Dermatology
School of Medicine
Associate Residency Program Director, Dermatology
School of Medicine
Director, Inpatient Dermatology, Dermatology
School of Medicine
M.D., Georgetown University School of Medicine, 2014
Phone: (949) 824-5515
University of California, Irvine
Department of Dermatology
118 Medical Surge I
Irvine, CA 92697
Research Interests
Infectious diseases, Inpatient dermatology, Medical education, Psoriasis
Academic Distinctions
Faculty Mentor, UCI Resident and Fellows Scholars Academy, 2019-2022
UCI School of Medicine Rising Star, 2020
UCI School of Medicine Excellence in Teaching Award, 2019
UCI School of Medicine Dean’s Scholar Award, 2018-Present
Medical Dermatology Society Mentorship Program Award, 2018
ODS/WSDA Joint Dermatology Meeting Resident CPC Contest 2nd Place, 2017
ACDS Annual Meeting Allergen Bee Contest 2nd Place, 2017
ASDS Resident Liaison, 2016-2017
AADA Legislative Conference Scholarship, 2016
ASDS Annual Meeting Scholarship, 2016
Alpha Omega Alpha, 2013
Gold Humanism Honor Society, 2013
Joseph Collins Foundation Scholarship, 2011-2013
Senior Thesis Departmental Honors, 2010
Biology Faculty Prize, 2010
Phi Beta Kappa, 2010
Journal Articles – Peer Reviewed:
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Book Chapters:
1. Rojek NW, Fox L, Shinkai K. part 6: Dermatologic Disorders; In Current Medical Diagnosis & Treatment 2024. Publication in process.
2. Rojek NW, Saeed L. Chapters 57 & 58: Acute Urticaria & Chronic Urticaria; In Decision-making in Dermatology, 1st Edition 2024. Publication in process.

Other Published Writings:
Rojek NW. It’s time to rethink the current dermatology residency application process. 2018 Sep. Retrieved from:
Professional Societies
Fellow, American Academy of Dermatology
Member, Association of Professors of Dermatology
Member, Medical Dermatology Society
Member, Society for Dermatology Hospitalists
Member, Pacific Dermatologic Association
Other Experience
Chief Resident
Oregon Health & Science University, Dermatology 2015—2018
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