Veronica M. Vieira

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Professor and Chair, Environmental and Occupational Health
Public Health
DSc, Boston University School of Public Health, 2003, Environmental Health
M.S., Stanford University, 2000, Environmental Engineering
Phone: (949) 824-7017
University of California, Irvine
856 Health Sciences Road
Office 3216
Mail Code: 1830
Irvine, CA 92617
Research Interests
Spatial epidemiology, environmental epidemiology, environmental disparities, exposure modeling, GIS
Research Abstract
My research involves epidemiologic analyses of health data for examining the contributions of known risk factors and environmental exposures to the underlying pattern of disease risk with a particular emphasis on the importance of location. I work extensively with geographic methods to model environmental exposures and identify communities where health risks are elevated. A current focus of my research is the health effects of environmental exposures in children. For a new NIEHS study of perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), I will be working with colleagues at UCI, UC Berkeley and Yale to examine associations with childhood cancers in local Orange County and Los Angeles County communities with contaminated drinking water. Another recent study will investigate the health benefits of portable air cleaners in LA Unified elementary schools located in communities with poor air quality. As a researcher with the Boston University Superfund Research Program for the past 15 years, I have investigated spatial and chemical/non-chemical patterns of cancer, reproductive outcomes, ADHD-related behaviors, and risky behaviors. Another current grant applies spatial statistics to assess geographic location as a barrier to receiving adequate ovarian cancer treatment in California and the effects of air pollution on survival. My work also includes international collaborations with researchers in France, Sweden, Portugal, Denmark, and Italy.
A full list of my published work is available at My NCBI Bibliography:
Superfund Research Program at Boston University (NIH/NIEHS 2P42 ES007381-16A1, 2012-2021) Role: Principal Investigator at UCI, Project 2. The BU Superfund Research Program consists of a program of research and interdisciplinary training organized around five closely connected research projects that investigate the effects of specific toxic exposures in human and non-human populations exposed to complex mixtures near a Superfund site. Project 2 explores new methods for detecting and analyzing patterns of chemical and non-chemical interactions in epidemiologic data.
Spatiotemporal Analysis of Disparities in Ovarian Cancer Treatment and Survival (NIH/NIMHD R01 MD009697-01A1, 2016-2021) Role: Principal Investigator (MPI). The goal of the current proposal is to define the contribution of geographic location to racial and socioeconomic disparities in ovarian cancer treatment and survival. This research will contribute to our understanding of the relationship between distance to receiving care and ovarian cancer mortality and quality of care.
UCI PFAS Health Study (CDC/ATSDR U01 TS000308; PI: Bartell; 2019 – 2024) Role: Co-I. This study, along with other studies in the CDC/ATSDR PFAS multi-site health study, will determine whether modelled and measured serum concentrations for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are associated with a variety of cross-sectional health outcomes in child and adult participants.
HI-FIVE - Health Impacts of Filtration ImproVements in Elementary Schools (California Air Resources Board 20RD015, 2021-2025). Role: Principal Investigator. The overall goal of this study is to investigate the possible health benefits directly associated with PM2.5 exposure reduction through improved filtration in elementary schools in a highly exposed community in Southern California.
Exposure to per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and risk of cancer in children (NIEHS R01ES032196-01A1, 2021-2024) Role: Principal Investigator (MPI). The goal of this transdisciplinary study is to fill major gaps in knowledge about PFAS routes of exposure during pregnancy and early life, and their subsequent impact on cancer risk in children. No previous epidemiologic studies have assessed childhood cancer risk associated with PFAS exposures.
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Boston University 2010—2011
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Boston University 2006—2010
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Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center
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