Feng Qiao

Picture of Feng Qiao
Professor, Biological Chemistry
School of Medicine
Ph.D., UCLA, 2005, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Phone: (949) 824-0159
Email: qiao@uci.edu
University of California, Irvine
Hitachi 108
829 Health Sciences Rd.
Mail Code: 1700
Irvine, CA 92697
Research Interests
Telomeres & telomerase and their roles in cancer and stem cell diseases; Structural, biochemical and molecular genetic analyses of nucleoprotein assemblies
Academic Distinctions
American Cancer Society Research Scholar, 2016
Inaugural Excellence in Graduate Teaching Award, School of Medicine, UC-Irvine, 2015
Basil O'Connor Starter Scholar Research Award, 2012
Life Sciences Research Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship, 2006-2009
Distinguished Ph.D. Dissertation Award, UCLA, 2005
John M. Jordan Award for Excellence in Research, UCLA, 2004
Life Sciences Research Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow with Dr. Thomas R. Cech
Howard Hughs Medical Institute/U. of Colorado-Boulder
Research Abstract
Telomeres are closely involved in stem cell differentiation and cancer cell proliferation. Our long-term goal is to reveal new mechanisms for telomere length regulation and chromosome end protection. Therefore, valuable targets for mechanism-driven design of cancer and anti-aging therapeutics may be identified through our research. Specifically, we are interested in:

• Regulation of telomere homeostasis from atomic level to system level using the integration of biochemistry, structural biology (especially, x-ray crystallography), and genetics approaches.

• Re-engineering/re-wiring telomere regulatory pathways using synthetic biology modules and concepts.

• Chemical biology approach to identify small molecules that can inhibit telomere ON/OFF transition thereby inhibiting cancer cell progression.
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NIH R01 grant
March of Dimes Foundation
American Heart Association
American Cancer Society
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