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Chancellor's Professor, Art History
School of Humanities
Professor, Visual Studies
School of Humanities
Ph.D., Stanford, Art History
B.A., Swarthmore College
University of California, Irvine
Department of Art History
2216 Humanities Gateway
Mail Code: 2785
Irvine, CA 92697
Research Abstract
My research focuses primarily on American art of the mid-twentieth century about which I have published three books: Antifascism in American Art (Yale, 1989), A Taste for Pop: Pop Art, Gender, and Consumer Culture (Cambridge, 1997), and Pop L.A.: Art and the City in the 1960s (Berkeley, 2006). My most recent book was awarded the 21st Charles C. Eldredge Prize awarded annually by the Smithsonian American Art Museum for outstanding scholarship in the field of American Art. More recently, in 2018 I received the Lawrence A. Fleischman Award for Scholarly Excellence in the Field of American Art History from the Archives of American Art/Smithsonian Institution.

Before joining the faculty at U.C.I., I taught between 1988 and 2003 in the Department of Art History at U.C.L.A. At U.C.I. I have served as Director of the Graduate Program in Visual Studies, Associate Dean of Graduate Studies in the School of Humanities, and Chair of the Department of Art History.

My teaching surveys the history of American art from the colonial through modern periods. Specialized seminars have covered topics such as Interwar Modernity, Vision/Body/Affect, and U.S. War, Art, and Memory.


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Paperback 2008.
Awarded the 21st Annual Charles Eldredge Prize for Outstanding Scholarship in American Art.

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