C. Sunny Jiang

Picture of C. Sunny Jiang
Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering
The Henry Samueli School of Engineering
Adjunct Professor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
School of Biological Sciences
PH.D., University of South Florida
Phone: (949) 824-5527
Fax: (949) 824-3672
Email: sjiang@uci.edu
University of California, Irvine
Engineering Tower 716E, lab at 709
Irvine, CA 92697
Research Interests
Environmental Engineering; Desalination; Membrane Fouling; Water Reuse; QMRA; Low Impact Development; Water Microbiology, Microbial Ecology
Academic Distinctions
* Innovation of the Year Award, UCI Bell Applied Innovation, 2021
* Senior Career Award for Innovation in Teaching, UCI HSSoE, 2017
* Extraordinary Service Award for Public Communication of Research Advances, UCI Civil & Environmental Engineering, 2017
* Faculty Mentor of the Month, Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program, UC Irvine, June 2011
Research Abstract
Research in Dr. Jiang’s group fall in two main areas:
1) Water/environmental biotechnology, and
2) Aquatic/marine microbial ecology.

Sustainable water supply through seawater desalination and wastewater reuse is the future to meet water demand both locally and internationally. Dr. Jiang group studies technologies to reduce energy consumption for seawater desalination by prevention of membrane biofouling. For wastewater reuse, public health risk is the most critical question. Dr. Jiang group is developing online monitoring system to monitor the fate of microbial pathogens in wastewater treatment and water reuse. Risk assessment models are applied to risk analysis and policy decision.

Costal water represents an important economic resource. The second area of Dr. Jiang research focuses on microbial quality in the coastal water. Her team has investigated pathogens in coastal water and human health risk. They helped the cities and counties to identify the source and causes of water pollution using microbial source tracking. More recently, control of harmful algal blooms and toxigenesis of diatom species Peudonitzchia has been an active area of investigation.
Short Biography
Dr. Sunny Jiang is a professor and the Chair of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at University of California, Irvine. Her research focuses on microbiological water quality, engineered and natural water treatment technologies. Dr. Jiang served on U.S. National Academies’ Water Reuse committee and WHO committee for Desalination. Dr. Jiang received her Ph.D. from University of South Florida in Marine Science in 1996.
Professional Societies
American Society for Microbiology
Other Experience
Center for Virus Research
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Environmental Toxicology
Public Health
Research Centers
Center for Virus Research http://cvr.bio.uci.edu/
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