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Professor, Neurology
School of Medicine
Professor, Anatomy & Neurobiology
School of Medicine
Professor, Political Science
School of Social Sciences
Professor, Pathology
School of Medicine
Director, Center for Neuropolitics
School of Medicine
M.D., University of Cincinnati, 1975
B.A., UCLA, 1970, Political Science
M.A., University of South Dakota, 1972, Political Science
J.D., Loyola Law School, 1997
Phone: (714) 456-6856
Fax: (714) 456-6573
University of California, Irvine
UC Irvine Medical Center
101 The City Drive South
Shanbrom Hall (Building 55), Room 121
Mail Code: 4280
Orange, CA 92868
Research Interests
Mechanisms of stroke, vascular neurobiology, blood-brain barrier, political psychology
Academic Distinctions
Dr. Fisher was Chair of the UCI Department of Neurology from 1998-2006, during which time the Department of Neurology entered the Top 10 in NIH Research Funding for Neurology Departments nationwide. Dr. Fisher established the stroke program at UCI, was Founding Director of the UCI Stroke Center (forerunner of the current UC Irvine Health Comprehensive Stroke and Cerebrovascular Center), and spearheaded the effort that made the stroke program at UCI the first academic stroke program in the country to be certified as a Primary Stroke Center by the Joint Commission (JCAHO). His edited work from 1989 "Medical Therapy of Acute Stroke" was the first book of its kind addressing acute stroke therapy. He was recently named Director of the Center for Neuropolitics (UCI School of Medicine).
Research Abstract
Dr. Fisher's Stroke Research Program investigates mechanisms of stroke from both basic science and clinical perspectives. He has received NIH research grant funding since 1984 as a Principal Investigator, and from 1994-1999 he was Program Director for the NIH Program Project Grant "Mechanisms of Ischemic Stroke". His scholarly work includes multi-disciplinary efforts that involve political science, law, and psychology. His research accomplishments include groundbreaking work in many areas: brain regulation of thrombosis and hemostasis; effect of cardiac arrhythmias on brain hemodynamics; infection as a precipitant of acute ischemic stroke; pathogenesis of stroke from carotid artery disease; pathology of intracranial atherosclerosis; mechanisms of brain microhemorrhage and microbleeds; delineation of the brain-kidney axis from the perspective of vascular neurobiology; identification of the left atrial septal pouch as a possible stroke risk factor; and a personalized medicine approach to stroke prevention in atrial fibrillation. He has developed multiple new phrases, including hemorrhagic microinfarction, mixed cerebrovascular disease, and the preventable stroke. His multidisciplinary work includes the delineation of legal aspects of stroke, the role of executive dysfunction in aging political leaders, and the impact of dementia on political ideology.
Awards and Honors
For his work as a stroke neurologist, Dr. Fisher has received approximately 50 citations of clinical excellence from a variety of external organizations.
Short Biography
Dr. Fisher established the first stroke program in Southern California with his arrival on faculty at University of Southern California in 1980. At USC, he worked with Dr. David Blankenhorn in atherosclerosis research before beginning a lengthy collaboration with Dr. Herbert Meiselman in hemorheological studies. In 1998 he moved to UC Irvine as Chair of the Department of Neurology (1998-2006), and established the first stroke prevention clinic in Orange County. He currently continues his research in stroke, vascular neurobiology, and interdisciplinary studies including political psychology.
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