Frederic Y.M. Wan

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Professor Emeritus, Mathematics
School of Physical Sciences
Professor Emeritus, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
The Henry Samueli School of Engineering
OTH, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1959, Mathematics
S.M., June, 1963 and Ph.D. Mathematics September, 1965, MIT
Phone: (949) 824-5529
Fax: (949) 824-7993
University of California, Irvine
510B Rowland Hall
Mail Code: 3875
Irvine, CA 92697
Research Interests
Applied Mathematics, Solid Mechanics, Resource Economics, Biomathematics
Academic Distinctions
Honors and Awards:
**Arthur Beaumont Distinguished Service Award, Canadian Applied Mathematics Society, 1991
**Foreign Member, Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, 1999 -
**Fellow: American Academy of Mechanics (AAM), 1981, American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), 1987; American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), 1995; Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM), 2010.

**University of British Columbia: Director, Institute of Applied Mathematics and Statistics (1974-83)
**University of Washington: Chair, Department of Applied Mathematics (1983-88); Divsional Dean of Natural and Mathematical Sciences, College of Arts & Sciences (1988-92)
**Natural Science and Engineering Council of Canada: Member (1980-83) and Chairman (1982-83), Committee of Pure and Applied Mathematics
**National Science Foundation: Program Officer, Appl. Math. Program, DMS (1986-87); Division Director, DMS (January, 1993 - December, 1994)
**MIT: MIT Educational Council (1974-79) MIT Visiting Committee for Mathematics (1991-93)
**University of California, Irvine: Vice Chancellor for Research and Dean of Graduate Studies (1995-2000)
Chair of Board of Trustees, IPAM, UCLA (1999-2002)
Member of Scientific Committee, ZCAM, Tsinghua University, 2002 -
Member of Advisory Committee, Center for the Mathematical Sciences, Renmin University of China, 2015 -.

Editorial Board Membership: 1) Studies in Appl. Math. 84- ; 2) Canadian Appl. Math. Quarterly, 93- ; 3) International J. Solids & Strucutres 96- ; 4) World Sci. Publ. 95- ; 5) J. Mech. Materials & Structures (JoMMS), 05 - ; 6) International J. Num. Anal. & Modeling, Series B, 10 -16.

Professional Societies: Canadian Applied Mathematics Society (CAMS/SCMA): Council Member 1980-82, President 1983-85, Past President 1985-87. American Mathematical Society (AMS): Committee of Committees (1995-97), Science Policy Committee (1995-97). Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM): Educational Committee (1983-87), Representative on the U.S. National Committee on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (1991-93, 2001-), Science Policy Committee (1990-92,1995-) Mathematical Association of America (MAA)
Instructor of Mathematics, MIT, 1965-67
Research Abstract
**Copyrights on Books: 1) Mathematical Models and Their Analysis, Harper and Row, February, 1989. 2) Introduction to the Calculus of Variations and Its Applications, Chapman & Hall, January, 1995. 3) Dynamical System Models in the Life Sciences, World Scientific, 2018. 4) Mathematical Models and Their Analysis, SIAM Classics in Applied Math, SIAM, 2018. 5) Stochastic Models in the Life Sciences, World Scientific, 2019.
Short Biography
Frederic Wan has been a Professor of Mathematics at the University of California, Irvine (UCI) since 1995 where he was also Vice Chancellor for Research and Dean of Graduate Studies, 1995–2000. Prior to UCI, Professor Wan received S.B., S.M. and Ph.D. in Mathematics at MIT (1955 – 1965) and was on the Faculty of that Mathematics Department (1965–1974). He was appointed Professor of Mathematics and the founding Director of the Institute of Applied Mathematics and Statistics at the University of British Columbia (1974–1983). In 1983, Professor Wan relocated to the University of Washington as Professor (1983–1995), the founding Chair of Department of Applied Mathematics (1983–1988) and later the Divisional Dean of Natural and Mathematical Sciences (1988–1992). At the request of the National Science Foundation (NSF), Professor Wan was re-assigned by the University to serve as the Director of the Foundation’s Division of Mathematical Sciences (1992–1994). For his research contributions (supported by both NSF and the National Institute of Health (NIH)), Professor Wan was elected a Fellow of ASME, AAAS, SIAM and a Foreign Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences among others.
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NIH grant R01GM67247 (PI), 2002-2006, 2006-2010; 2010-2014; NIH grant R25GM-096989 (PI), 2011 - 2016; NIH grant P50GM-066051 (Co-PI), 2007-2012, 2013-2018; NSF DMS (SCREMS) grant DMS-0112416 (PI), 2001-2003, DMS (UBM) grant DMS-1129008 (PI), 2011 - 2016
Professional Societies
American Academy of Mechanics
American Society for Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
Canadian Applied Mathematical Society (CAMS/SCMA)
Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM)
American Mathematical Society (AMS)
Mathematical Association of America (MAA)
Other Experience
Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics
MIT 1967—1969
Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics
MIT 1969—1974
Professor of Mathematics
University of British Columbia 1974—1983
Professor of Applied Mathematics and Mathematics
University of Washington 1983—1995
Research Centers
Center for Research on Complex Biological Systems
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