James A. Fujii

Picture of James A. Fujii
Associate Professor, East Asian Studies
School of Humanities
PH.D., University of Chicago
Phone: (949) 824-3121, 2227
Fax: (949) 824-3248
Email: jafujii@uci.edu
University of California, Irvine
469 HOB
Mail Code: 6000
Irvine, CA 92697
Research Interests
Modern Japanese literature; critical theory and cultural studies
Research Abstract
My current research examines the relationship of literature to such worldly matters as the construction of a modern nation state (Japan), and the exercise and distribution of power (for example, the gathering of fascism and the articulation of imperialism) both within Japan and in its relations with neighboring countries. I am also interested in exploring everyday life and popular culture in modern Japan, particularly as it relates to the official discourses of nation building and national consolidation. In Complicit Fictions I question the received notion of the self and its currency for reading modern Japanese prose fiction. Through the use of critical and literary theories (both Euro-American and Japanese) I attempt to critique the canonical views of modern Japanese literature.
Text and the City: Essays on Japanese Modernity, Edited and with an Introduction by James Fujii, Durham: Duke University Press, 2004
“From Politics to Culture: Modern Japanese Literary Studies in the Age of Cultural Studies,” in Learning Places: The Afterlives of Area Studies, Edited by Masao Miyoshi and H.D. Harootunian, Duke University Press, 2002
"Intimate Alienation: Japanese Urban Rail and the Commodification of Urban Subjects," in special issue of Differences, vol.11, no.2, Summer 1999.
"Internationalizing Japan: Rebellion in Kirikiri and the International Research Center for Japanese Studies," (Special issue of Polygraph, “Legislating Cultures,” Spring 1998). Also appeared in revised form in Journal of Intercultural Studies, 1998
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