Henry W. Sobel

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Professor, Physics & Astronomy
School of Physical Sciences
PH.D., Case Institute of Technology, 1968
OTH, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Phone: (949) 824-6431, 6395
Fax: (949) 824-2174
Email: hsobel@uci.edu
University of California, Irvine
3133 Frederick Reines Hall
Mail Code: 4575
Irvine, CA 92697
Research Interests
Super-Kamiokande, K2K/T2K Long Baseline Neutrino Oscillation Experiments
Academic Distinctions
APS Rossi Prize in Astrophysics (shared) 1989
Asahi Prize in Physics (shared) 1999
Fellow of American Physical Society 1999
Fellow of AAAS 2008
Pontecorvo Prize 2009
The 2016 Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics
Research Abstract
Professor Sobel earned his B. S. from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and his Ph. D. (1968) from Case Institute of Technology. He joined the UCI Physics Department in 1968.

My physics interests are focused primarily on tests of conservation laws and studies of fundamental interactions between particles. Historically we have focused on studies of the neutrino and the search for nucleon decay. There is also a significant interest in astrophysics and cosmic rays. My current research consists of the continuation of the Super-Kamiokande experiment, the new long baseline neutrino oscillation experiment, T2K, and the design and planning for a new long baseline neutrino experiment with a neutrino beam from Fermilab to a new massive detector in the Homestake mine in South Dakota.

My group was heavily involved in the planning for the new long-baseline neutrino oscillation experiment in Japan, T2K. The JAERI and KEK Joint Project -- Japan-Proton Accelerator Research Complex (J-PARC, formerly JHF) is now operational in Tokai, Japan. Its high-luminosity, 50-GeV proton synchrotron offers the possibility of creating a very intense neutrino beam with extremely attractive features for precision measurements and direct tests of our understanding of neutrino mixing. The multi-detector experiment (T2K) currently beggining operation is likely to be the first neutrino oscillation experiment to discover a non-zero theta13 via appearance of electron neutrinos. It is optimized to detect electron neutrino interactions at the precise energy of maximum muon neutrino disappearance. This experiment will test what seems to be the only small angle in the neutrino mixing matrix. In addition, this experiment will precisely measure muon neutrino disappearance and may find the first evidence that the large theta23 mixing is not fully maximal. A possible second phase of the experiment, with upgraded beam and far detector, may be able to discover leptonic CP violation.
In the first phase of this experiment, began in 2009, Super-Kamiokande is the far detector target. The newly rebuilt SK has been re-calibrated for this new task.
I continue to be one of the two U.S. co-spokesmen for the Super-Kamiokande experiment and serve on the executive committee for that experiment.

T2K Experiment, 2009 - present
Super-Kamiokande Experiment (US co-spokesman), 1992-present
K2K Neutrino Experiment, 1999-present
Chooz Reactor Neutrino Experiment 1993-1998
IMB Neutrino Experiment, 1979-1992
Bugey Reactor Neutral Current Experiment 1993-1997
Savannah River Reactor Neutrino Experiments 1969-1993
South African Neutrino Experiment (CASEWITS) 1965-1969
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Professional Societies
American Physical Society
American Society of Physics Teachers
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