Zhina Sadeghi

picture of Zhina  Sadeghi

Assistant Professor, Urology
School of Medicine


Phone: (888) 268-1108
Email: zhinas@hs.uci.edu

University of California, Irvine
3800 W Chapman
Orange, CA 92868
Research Interests
Lower urinary tract dysfunction, Urinary incontinence, Neurourology, Regenerative urology, Reconstructive Urology
Awards and Honors
1. University of Michigan Urology department poster award, May 2022.
2. AUA2021 Basic Science symposium travel grant award.
3. SUFU 2020 best poster award, February 2020.
4. SUFU 2020 Neuromodulation grant.
5. North Central Section (NCS) of AUA 2019, best poster award, October 2019.
6. American Urology Association, member, 2014-present.
7. Task force member, Society of Women in Urology (SWIU), May 2018-present.
8. Travel award – AUA 2019 basic science symposium, May 2019.
9. Best oral presentation award, Urology symposium at University Hospital Cleveland Medical Center, January 2017.
10. Rodney Appell SUFU Travelling Preceptorship grant, January 2017.
11. SUFU 2015 best poster award, and resident travel award, February 2015.
12. SUFU 2014 best poster award, February 2014.
13. Travel award- MSC2013- NIH; for participating at MSC 2013 conference, Ohio, 2013.
14. NIH/T32 grant for a year of research fellowship at Urology Institute, UHCMC, Cleveland, Ohio, 2013.
15. Invention Disclosure submission on “Use of Lavacell labeling for invivo trafficking of cells”, to Center of Clinical Research and Technology, University Hospitals Case Medical Center, Cleveland, Ohio, USA. (Dr. Adonis Hijaz, Dr. Chris Flask, Dr. Zhina Sadeghi, Joseph Molter).
16. Travel Award- AUA- NIH; for participating at “Nanomedicine Basic Science symposium”, AUA 2012, Atlanta, USA.
17. Travel Award- AUA- NIH/NIDDK for participating at “Stem cell and Basic Science symposium”, AUA 2011, Washington D.C., USA.
18. Silver Medal of National Biology Olympiads, 1999, Tehran, Iran.
19. Student at National Organization of Exceptional Talented Students (NODETs), Iran. 1993-2000.
Short Biography
Dr. Zhina Sadeghi is fellowship trained in neurourology, female and reconstructive urologic surgery from University of Michigan. Her expertise of urological diseases includes pelvic organ prolapse, urinary storage and voiding dysfunction (overactive bladder, urinary incontinence, etc.), urethral and bladder neck pathologies (diverticulum, stricture, etc.), neurogenic bladder, radiation cystitis, complications of urinary diversion and stomas, recurrent UTIs, urinary tract fistulas, evaluation and management of hydronephrosis, ureteral obstruction and stricture diseases. She performs outpatient and complex inpatient, vaginal and abdominal, endoscopic, open, and laparoscopic robotic surgeries. Her major scientific interest is translational studies of urinary system storage and voiding dysfunction including pathogenesis of urethral and bladder dysfunction, and investigation of novel multipotent cell therapy, gene therapy and neuromodulation.

Her extensive training and research over the last 16 years has resulted in 30 publications in translational and clinical research mostly focused on lower urinary tract dysfunction and novel reconstructive treatments. This research studying lower urinary tract dysfunction involved development of different pre-clinical models of urinary incontinence, applying novel treatment options like stem cell therapy, and examining the mechanism of action of these novel therapies. These projects have laid a foundation of knowledge on how to apply urodynamic studies for modeling and to follow up impact of treatments from a cellular and micro-environment level to the major phenomenal functioning level of the genitourinary tract.

Her further interests is in investigating patient targeted therapy development and in discovering pathways to modulate neuronal signals to overcome the underlying dysfunctional pathology.
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