Elham Arghami

picture of Elham  Arghami

Assistant Clinical Professor, Family Medicine
School of Medicine

M.D., Family Medicine/Geriatric Medicine

Phone: (714) 456-7007
Email: earghami@hs.uci.edu

University of California, Irvine
Practice: SeniorHealth Center
Bldg. 25, Pav IV, Rt. 208
101 The City Drive S. Mail Code: 1150
Orange, CA 92868
Research Interests
Elderly Care
Comparison of Effectiveness of Lecturing and Self-learning on Knowledge of Participants in Training Courses of Management of the Patients with Suicidal Thoughts. Horizons of Medical Education Development(HMED). 2011 Jun; 4(3): 55-60.
Accuracy Rate for Clinical Diagnosis of Dermatofibroma in Patients Referred to Dermatology and Pathology Department of Emam Reza Hospital. Medical Journal of Mashhad University of Medical Sciences. 2010 Apr; 53(1): 43-47. Available at:
National PACE Association (NPA) Conference, Portland, Oregon
10/2018, Poster Presentation: Multidisciplinary Approach For Fall Prevention in Older Adults.
Patient Attitudes and participation in Co-Washing in an outpatient clinic before and after a prompt. Annals of family medicine journal,10/2016 http://www.annfammed.org/content/15/2/155.full
Graduate Programs
Family Practice

Geriatric Medicine (FP)

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