Maheswari Senthil MD,FACS

picture of Maheswari  Senthil

Clinical Professor, Surgery
School of Medicine

Director Peritoneal Malignancy Program, Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center

M.D., Madurai Medical College, 1998

ORCiD: 0000-0002-0339-8558

Phone: 714-456-6015
Fax: 714-456-6188

University of California, Irvine
333 City Blvd West, Suite 850
Orange, CA 92697
Research Interests
Peritoneal Carcinomatosis, Gastric cancer, Liquid Biopsy
Academic Distinctions
University First Rank – Pharmacology, MGR University of Medicine, Tamilnadu, India 1995
Graduated Top 1% of the class, Madurai Medical College, Madurai, India 1998
Academic Excellence Award, UMDNJ – Department of Surgery 2003
Outstanding Manuscript Award, Basic Science Category, American College of Surgeons, NJ Chapter 2004
Academic Excellence Award, UMDNJ – Department of Surgery 2004
Joseph Susman Memorial Award for Best Paper, Surgical Infection Society of North America & Europe. 2005
Academic Excellence Award, UMDNJ – Department of Surgery 2005
Outstanding Trauma Resident Award, UMDNJ – 2006
Academic Excellence Award, UMDNJ – Department of Surgery 2006
Outstanding Resident Award, Hackensack University Medical Center, NJ 2008
Academic Excellence Award, UMDNJ – Department of Surgery 2008
Professor of Surgery, University of California –Irvine - May 2020 to present
Associate Professor, Loma Linda School of Medicine - Sep 2013 to Dec 2019
Assistant Professor, Loma Linda School of Medicine - Sep 2010 to Aug 2013
Research Abstract
Peritoneal carcinomatosis is an extremely challenging clinical problem and is associated with dismal prognosis. One of the current challenges with peritoneal carcinomatosis is lack of sensitive markers for early diagnosis and prognostication. Dr. Senthil's basic science research work is focused on developing a liquid biopsy by utilizing blood- based Exosomal bio-markers in patients with peritoneal carcinomatosis to serve as a predictive and prognostic tool. The advantage of liquid biopsy is that it's a non-invasive tool that has the potential to replace tumor biopsies and invasive diagnostic testing to detect cancer.
On the clinical side, she conducts investigator-initiated clinical trials to change the treatment paradigm of peritoneal carcinomatosis. A phase-II clinical trial to test the efficacy of intraperitoneal chemotherapy in gastric peritoneal carcinomatosis is currently under review to be opened at UCI.
Awards and Honors
Alpha Omega Alpha - New Jersey Medical School 2008
Golden Apple Award for Excellence in Teaching, UMDNJ 2008
Arnold P. Gold Award for leadership and Humanism, NJ 2008
Excellence in Medical Student Teaching, UMDNJ 2008
Healing Hands Award 2017
Healing Hands Award 2018
Excellence in Education – Loma Linda University Health 2019
Short Biography
Dr. Senthil is a surgical oncologist with a special expertise in the management of patients with peritoneal carcinomatosis and advanced malignancies. She has successfully performed several hundreds of Cytoreductive surgery and HIPEC to treat this condition. Her treatment principle is to provide the best care possible through innovation, research, collaboration, and technical excellence.
Her objective is to help patients achieve healthy survivorship by healing their mind, body, and spirit.
Dr. Senthil is also a highly-respected educator. She considers it a privilege to train future generation of surgeons. She founded the complex general surgical oncology fellowship at Loma Linda University Health in 2015. She has received numerous awards for her commitment and dedication to educational excellence.Dr. Senthil has conducted many important research projects that address critical clinical questions and disparities. Several of her research papers are published in JAMA Surgery and Annals of Surgical Oncology.
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