Antoney Joseph Ferrey

Associate Clinical Professor
School of Medicine

M.D., The Ohio State University College of Medicine, 2012

Phone: (714) 456-5413

University of California, Irvine
City Tower, Suite 400, Nephrology
Irvine, CA 92697
Research Interests
Kidney Transplantation, Immunosuppressive Therapy, Renal Replacement Therapies
Ferrey A., You AS., Kovedsy CP., Nakata T., Veliz M., Nguyen DV., Kalantar-Zadeh K., Rhee CM., (2018) Dialysate Potassium and Mortality in a Prospective Hemodialysis Cohort. American Journal of Nephrology. 47(6):415-423.
Poster presented at National Kidney Foundation Meeting in 2018.

Yu JZ., Rhee CM., Ferrey A., Li A., Chang Y., Reddy U., Lau WL., Chou J., Inrig J., Kalantar-Zadeh K., (2018) There is no place like home: 35-year patient survival on home hemodialysis. Seminars in Dialysis. 31(3):300-304.

Ferrey A., Fujitani RM., Tran MH., Chang Y., Lau Wl., (2017) Successful Peritoneal Dialysis Catheter Placement in New End-Stage Renal Disease Patient with Combined Antiphospholipid Syndrome and Factor XI Deficiency. Advancements in Peritoneal Dialysis. 33:22-25.

Wenzel P., Chong J-L., Saenz-Robles M.T., Ferrey A., Hagan J.P., Gomez Y.M., Rajmohan R., Sharma N., Chen H-Z., Pipas J.M., Robinson M.L., Leone G. (2011) Cell proliferation in the absence of E2F1-3. Dev. Biology 35(1):35-45.

Chong J-L., Wenzel P., Sáenz-Robles M., Nair V., Ferrey A., Hagan J., Gomez Y.M., Sharma N. Chen H-Z., Ouseph M., Wang S-H., Trikha P., Culp B., Mezache L., Winton D.J., Sansom O.J., Chen D., Bremner R., Cantalupo P.G., Robinson M.L., Pipas J.M., Leone G. (2009). A switch of E2F1-3 function from activators in progenitor cells to repressors in differentiating cells. Nature 462:930-934.
Professional Society
American Society of Nephrology
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