Celia Symons

Assistant Professor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
School of Biological Sciences

B.S., Queen's University, 2010, Biology
M.S., Queen's University, 2012, Biology
Ph.D., University of California, San Diego, 2017, Biology

Email: csymons@uci.edu

University of California, Irvine
469 Steinhaus Hall
Mail Code: 2525
Irvine, CA 92697
Research Interests
Aquatic ecology, eco-evolutionary dynamics, metacommunities, species interactions, climate change
Wallen, K.; Filbee-Dexter, K.; Pittman, J.; Posner, S.; Alexander, S.; Rolulo, C.; Bennett, D.; Clark, E.; Cousins, S.; Dubik, B.; Garcia, M.; Haig, H.; Koebele, E.; Qiu, J.; Richards, R.; Symons, C.C. and Zipper, S. 2019. Integrating team science into interdisciplinary graduate education: an exploration of the SESYNC Graduate Pursuit. In press at the Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences

Symons, C.C., Schulhof, M.A., Cavalheri, H.B., and Shurin, J.B. 2019. Antagonistic effects of temperature and allochthony on fish growth in California mountain lakes. Oecologia 189:231-241.

Cavalheri, H.B., Symons, C.C., Schulhof, M.A., Jones, N.T., and Shurin, J.B. 2019. Rapid evolution of thermal plasticity in mountain lake Daphnia populations. Oikos doi.org/10.1111/oik05945

Filbee-Dexter, K.*, Symons, C.C.*, Jones, K., Haig, H.A., Pittman, J., Alexander, S.M., Burke, MJ. 2018. Quantifying ecological and social drivers of ecological surprise. Journal of Applied Ecology 55: 2135-2146. *Authors contributed equally to this work

Filbee-Dexter, K., Pittman J., Haig, H.A., Alexander S.M., Symons C.C., and Burke, M.J. 2017. Ecological surprise: concept, synthesis, and social dimensions. Ecosphere 8:e02005.

Symons, C.C. and Shurin, J.B. 2016. Climate constrains lake community and ecosystem responses to introduced predators. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 283:20160825. Winner of the Exceptional Promise in Graduate Research Award from the Aquatic Section of the Ecological Society of America.

Symons, C.C. and Arnott, S.E. 2014. Timing is everything: priority effects alter post-disturbance invasibility.  Ecology and Evolution 4: 397-407.

Symons, C.C., Pedruski, M., Sweetman, J.N. and Arnott S.E. 2014. Spatial, abiotic and biotic determinants of zooplankton community composition in Subarctic tundra ponds in Wapusk National Park, Canada. Arctic, Antarctic and Alpine Research 46: 159-190.

Symons, C.C. and Arnott, S.E. 2013. Regional zooplankton dispersal provides spatial insurance for ecosystem function. Global Change Biology 19: 1610–1619.

Symons, C.C., Arnott, S.E. and Sweetman, J.N. 2012. Grazing rates of crustacean zooplankton communities on intact phytoplankton communities in Canadian Subarctic lakes. Hydrobiologia 694: 131-141.

Symons, C.C., Arnott, S.E. and Sweetman, J.N. 2012. Nutrient limitation of phytoplankton communities in Subarctic lakes and ponds in Wapusk National Park, Canada. Polar Biology 35: 481-489.
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