Ruth Goldstein

picture of Ruth  Goldstein

Assistant Professor
School of Social Sciences

Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley, 2015, Medical Anthropology

Phone: (949) 824-9315

University of California, Irvine
557 Social Science Tower
Irvine, CA 92697
Research Interests
Planetary health, socio-environmental justice, gender and sexuality, critical race theory, indigeneity, climate change
Postdoctoral College Fellow, Harvard University
Research Abstract
I am a medical anthropologist interested in human and nonhuman health, a quickly heating planet and environmental racism. My book project Traffic, examines the socio-environmental consequences of transnational infrastructure projects and climate change along Latin America’s recently constructed Interoceanic Road, with a particular focus on intersections of race, women’s health and human rights in Brazil, Peru, and Bolivia. My subsequent research on quicksilver’s global mobility, analyzes toxic body burdens and environmental racisms. I focus on how mercury carries a racialized valence, defining migrant labor populations, often indigenous, as socially, mentally, and physically contaminated in Amazonian rainforests, California crop-fields, and Arctic waters.
Forthcoming.Traffic: An Ethnography of Women, Plants, and Gold Along the Interoceanic Road in Brazil, Peru, and Bolivia
Forthcoming. “The Philosopher Plant and the Scientist’s Specimen. Special Issue on “Phytocommunicability,” Ethnos
2019. “Consentimiento y Sus Discontentos: Género, Indigeneidad, y Extractivismo en Madre de Dios, Péru” In Género, sexualidades y mercados sexuales en sitios extractivistas de América Latina. Mexico City: Centro de Investigaciones y Estudios de Género de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) Press.
2019. “Ethnobotanies of Refusal: Methodologies in Respecting Plant(ed)- Human Resistance.” Special Issue on “New Methodologies in Studying Plant-People Relationships,” Anthropology Today (April Issue)
2018. “What’s in a Name” in The Ethnographic Case. Manchester, UK: Mattering Press.
2017. “Of Gold Mines, Plants, and Women.” Springer Nature Storytellers podcast.
2017. “Collaborations: Envisioning an Engaged Future for Anthropology” with Patricia Alvarez and Ugo Edu. History of Anthropology Newsletter
2017. “From the side of the road to the borders of the page: Mapping the legibility of people and words at the margins,” in Language and Violence: Pragmatic Perspectives, John Benjamins Press, edited by Daniel Silva
2015. “Semiophors and Sexual Systems: The Circulation of Words and Women.” Pragmatics and Society 6(2): 217-239.
2015. Raffles, Hugh, Shani, Liron, Goldstein, Ruth and Wentworth, Kara. “Writing/Power/Story: Why and How to do Ethnography of Non-Human Beings and Things.” -ethnography-of-non-human-beings-and-things
2014. “Consent and Its Discontents: On the Traffic in Words and Women.” Latin American Policy 5(2): 236-250.
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2009. Ocampo, Rafael Sánchez and Michael Balick. Plants of Semillas Sagradas: An Ethnomedicinal Garden in Costa Rica. Ed. Ruth Goldstein and Katherine Herrera. San Isidro: Luna Nueva Extractos, Costa Rica, SA.
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