June Ahn

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Associate Professor
School of Education

Ph.D., University of Southern California, 2010, Urban Education Policy
M.A., Columbia University, 2006, Computing and Education
B.A., Brown University, 2003, Computers in Education (Independent Major)

Email: june.ahn@uci.edu

University of California, Irvine
3000A Education
Mail Code: 5500
Irvine, CA 92697
Research Interests
Learning Technologies, Research-Practice Partnerships, Human-Computer Interaction, Educational Technology, Data Use and Analytics
Research Abstract
My core research interest is understanding how technology and information can enhance the way we learn and deliver education. I do this work in a few ways:

(1) I’m interested in enduring questions about broadening participation and creating more equitable learning pathways for learners in STEM fields. For example, how can new technologies and learning environments (games, social media etc.) be designed to capture the interest and engagement of more learners? And how can education systems and communities stitch together experiences to help young people identify more deeply with a domain (e.g., science)?

(2) I develop research-practice partnerships (RPPs) with schools, teachers, and community-based organizations to ground the above research questions in projects that solve real problems of practice for partners, and also design rich contexts to develop scholarly knowledge.

I utilize my expertise in design methodologies to co-develop new learning technologies, environments, and socio-technical systems to promote equitable opportunities for learners. My collaborators and I then utilize a variety of methodologies, ranging from qualitative case studies to quantitative modeling of data, to understand the efficacy and impact of our designs.

My work sometimes touches on design (creating the technology and learning environments), understanding learners, and the broader societal contexts (e.g. social inequalities, education institutions) within which learning happens with technology.
For a comprehensive list of papers, please visit my website or view my CV.

Sample publications:

Ahn, J., Clegg, T., Yip, J., Bonsignore, E., Pauw, D., Cabrera, L., Hernly, K., Pitt, C., Mills, K., Salazar, A., Griffing, D., Rick, J., & Marr, R. (2018). Science Everywhere: Designing public, tangible displays to connect youth learning across settings. In Proceedings of the 36th Annual ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems – CHI 2018. New York, NY: ACM.

Ahn, J., & McEachin, A. (2017). Student enrollment patterns and achievement in Ohio’s online charter schools. Educational Researcher, 46(1), 44-57.

Ahn, J., Clegg, T., Yip, J., Bonsignore, E., Pauw, D., & Gubbels, M. (2016). Seeing the unseen learner: Designing and using social media to recognize children’s science dispositions in action. Learning, Media, and Technology, 41(2), 252-282.

Ahn, J., Beck, A., Rice, J., & Foster, M. (2016). Exploring issues of implementation, equity, and student achievement with educational software in the DC Public Schools. AERA Open, 2(4), 1-10.

Ahn, J., Webster, S., & Butler, B. S. (2015). Open education in the wild: The dynamics of course production in the peer 2 peer university. Proceedings of the 18th ACM Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing (CSCW 2015).

Ahn, J. (2012). Teenagers’ experiences with social network sites: Relationships to bridging and bonding social capital. The Information Society, 28(2), 99-109.

Subramaniam, M. M., Ahn, J., Fleischmann, K. R., & Druin, A. (2012). Re-imagining the role of school libraries in stem education: Creating hybrid spaces for exploration. The Library Quarterly, 82(2), 161-182.
Researcher-Practitioner Partnership: Designing Crowdsourced Mentorship to Support Low-Income High School Students’ College Enrollment. 2018-2020. Amount: $396,817. Funder: Institute of Education Sciences
Here to Here: Partnerships to Develop Pathways to Prosperity for Youth in the South Bronx. 2017-2020. Amount: $1,200,000. Funder: Dimon Family Foundation
Digital Learning Challenge – Partnership and Community Development for Informal Learning Opportunities. 2017-2018. Amount: $332,931. Funder: Susan Crown Exchange
CS-EDU Visions: Building Multi-Level Alignment in Local CS4All Implementation for Sustainability. 2017-2019. Amount: $299,823. Funder: National Science Foundation
Collaborative Research: Improving the Implementation of Rigorous Instructional Materials in Middle Grades Mathematics: Developing a System of Practical Measures and Routines. 2016-2021. Amount: $5,000,000. (part of collaborative grant with University of Washington, Vanderbilt, and UC Riverside). Funder: National Science Foundation
Researcher-Practitioner Partnership: Blended Learning at Scale – Implementation and Analysis of Student Achievement in District of Columbia Public Schools. 2015-2017. Amount: $400,000. Funder: Institute of Education Sciences
DIP: ScienceKit for ScienceEverywhere – A Seamless Scientizing Ecosystem for Raising Scientifically-Minded Children. 2014-2018. Amount: $1,350,000. Funder: National Science Foundation
Collaborative Research: Advancing Informal STEM Learning through Scientific Alternate Reality Games. 2013-2016. Amount: $1,520,832.(part of collaborative grant with Brigham Young University) Funder: National Science Foundation
RAPID: Understanding and Designing Community Dynamics in a Massively Open Online Course Platform, the Peer 2 Peer University. 2012-2014. Amount: $178,000. Funder: National Science Foundation
Developing Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Identities through Participation in Science-Infused Media and Virtual Peer Networks. 2011-2014. Amount: $550,000. Funder: National Science Foundation
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