Andres S. Bustamante

picture of Andres S. Bustamante

Assistant Professor, Human Development in Context
School of Education

Ph.D., University of Miami, 2016, Developmental Psychology

Phone: (949) 824-7367

University of California, Irvine

Irvine, CA 92697
Research Interests
Early Childhood Science Education, Head Start, Approaches to Learning, Community Based Intervention
Institute of Education Sciences (IES) Training Grant Postdoctoral Fellow - Temple University
Bustamante, A. S., Greenfield, D. B., & Nayfeld, I. (2018). Early childhood science and engineering: Engaging platforms for fostering domain-general learning skills. Journal of Education Sciences, 8(3), 144;

Bustamante, A. S., Hassinger-Das, B., Hirsh-Pasek, K, & Golinkoff, R. M. (2018). Learning Landscapes: Where the science of learning meets architectural design. Child Development Perspectives.

Bustamante, A. S. & Hindman, A. H. (2018). Construyendo en la fuerza: Approaches to learning and school readiness gains in Latino children served by Head Start. Early Childhood Research Quarterly.

Bustamante, A. S., White, L. J., & Greenfield, D. B. (2018). Science and approaches to learning in Head Start: Examining bi-directionality. Early Child Research Quarterly, 44, 34-42.

Bustamante, A. S., Hindman, A. H., Champagne, C., & Wasik, B. A. (2018). Circle time revisited: How do preschool classrooms use this part of the day? The Elementary School Journal, 118(4).

Bustamante, A. S., & Hindman, A. H. (2018). Classroom quality and academic school readiness outcomes in Head Start: The indirect effect of approaches to learning. Early Education and Development.

Bustamante, A. S., White, L. J., & Greenfield, D. B. (2017). Approaches to learning and school readiness in Head Start: Applications to preschool science. Learning and Individual Differences, 56, 112-118.

Bustamante, A. S., & Greenfield, D. B. (2018). Motivation orientation and school readiness in children served by Head Start. Measurement and Evaluation in Counseling and Development.

Bustamante, A. S. & Greenfield, D. B. (2018). Measuring motivation in children served by Head Start. Psychology and Education Journal, 55 (4), 1-16.

Hassinger-Das, B., Bustamante, A. S., Hirsh-Pasek, K., & Golinkoff, R. M. (2018). Learning landscapes: Playing the way to learning and engagement in public spaces. Journal of Education Sciences, 8(2), 74.

Hindman, A. H., & Bustamante, A. S. (2018). Teacher Depression as a Dynamic Variable: Exploring Nature and Predictors of Change Journal. Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology.

Hassinger-Das, B, Bustamante, A. S., Hirsh-Pasek, K, Golinkoff, R. M., Magsamen, S., Pearlman-Robinson, J., & Winthrop, R. (2018). Learning Landscapes: Can Urban Planning and the Learning Sciences Work Together to Help Children? Brookings Institution Policy Report.
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