Talar Chahinian

picture of Talar  Chahinian

Lecturer, Armenian Studies Program, History
School of Humanities

Visiting Faculty, Comparative Literature
School of Humanities

Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles, 2008, Comparative Literature

Email: talar.chahinian@uci.edu

University of California, Irvine

Irvine, CA 92697
Research Interests
Armenian Language and Literature, World Literature, Transnational Studies, Trauma Studies, Politics and Aesthetics, Translation, Digital Humanities
Research Abstract
Dr. Chahinian's forthcoming book, Stateless: The Politics of the Armenian Language in Exile (Syracuse University Press), focuses on two key moments in Western Armenian literary history, Post WWI Paris and Post WWII Beirut, to a) examine how a stateless language sustains itself in a diasporic setting and b) critique the model of world literature in its reluctance to expand the practice of literary history to account for stateless literatures that elude international canonization.
“Zabel Yesayan: The Myth of the Armenian Transnational Moment,” Journal of Society for Armenian
Studies 28 (2021): 197-205.
"The Space in Between: Overlapping Narratives of Arrival and Departure in Armenian-American Literary and Visual Arts," AmLit- American Literatures 1, no. 1 (Fall 2021): 8-24.
“Armenian Comedy in LA: Performing Inter-Cultural Difference Through Language.” Critic’s Forum for Asbarez. March 7, 2019. Web.
“The Making of a Diasporic Literary Center: Post WWII Armenian Intellectual Life in Beirut.” Armenians in Lebanon. Eds. Carla Edde, Levon Nordiguian, Vahé Tachjian. Beirut: University of Saint Joseph Press. (2017): 284-303.
“Desaneliut‘ean paghtsank‘ spiwrk‘i aruesdin ew kraganut‘ean mech” [Desire for Visibility in Diaspora’s Art and Literature]. Pakin. 50. 2 (2017): 53-56.
First Author. “Language in Armenian American Communities: Western Armenian and Efforts for Preservation.” Middle Eastern Languages in Diasporic USA Communities. Spec. issue of The International Journal of Sociology of Language. 237 (2016): 37-58.
“Impossible Testimonies: Literature and Aesthetics in the Aftermath of 1915.” The Journal of the Society for Armenian Studies (JSAS), 25 (2016): 213-219.
“Lezu, jamanag ew joghovurt Beldiani veberun mech” [Language, Time, and People in the Novels of Beledian]. Pakin. 49. 1-2 (2016): 73-76.
“A Deconstruction of Connected Histories in Aline Ohanesian’s Orhan’s Inheritance.” Critic’s Forum. July 2015. Web.
Professional Societies
Modern Language Association
American Comparative Literature Association
Middle East Studies Association
Society for Armenian Studies
Other Experience
Diaspora: A Journal of Transnational Studies

Executive Committee Member
MLA West Asian Forum

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