Joan Malczewski

picture of Joan  Malczewski

Associate Professor, History
School of Humanities

Ph.D., Columbia University, 2002, History

Phone: History Department: (949) 824-6521

University of California, Irvine
200 Krieger Hall
Mail Code: 3275
Irvine, CA 92697
Research Interests
American Political Development, Education, Progressivism, Philanthropy, American South
Joan Malczewski, Building a New Educational State: Foundations, Schools and the American South (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2016).
Joan Malczewski, “Interstitial Collaboration: Education Reform in the Jim Crow South,”Studies in American Political Development , forthcoming.
Joan Malczewski, “Philanthropy and Progressive Era State Building through Agricultural Extension Work in the Jim Crow South.”History of Education Quarterly, 53, no. 4 (November, 2013).
Joan Malczewski, “‘The Schools Lost Their Isolation’: Institutions and Agency in Educational Policy Development, 1909 –1935.”Journal of Policy History, 23, no. 3 (June, 2011).

Joan Malczewski, Debra Plafker-Gutt, and Robert Cohen, “Teaching about Starbucks and Consumer Literacy.”Social Education (June, 2011).
Joan Malczewski,“Weak State, Stronger Schools: Northern Philanthropy and Organizational Change in the Jim Crow South,”Journal of Southern History, 75, no. 4 (November, 2009).
2011 Spencer Foundation, “Building a New Educational State: Institutions and Agency in the Jim Crow South,” $40,000 2010.
Steinhardt Challenge IDEA Award, “Building a New Educational State,” $5,000.
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