Di Xu

Assistant Professor
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Ph.D., Columbia University, 2013, Economics of Education

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University of California, Irvine
2054 Education
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Higher Education Policy, Program Evaluation, Community College Research, Online Learning
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Di Xu is an assistant professor at the University of California, Irvine. She researches the labor market returns to different degree programs and major areas in higher education. She is also conducting research to explore the impacts of educational programs, interventions, and instructional practice on student course performance, persistence, and degree completion.

Xu earned a PhD in economics and education from Teachers College, Columbia University. Her research interests include economic returns to higher education, financial aid to higher education, and the use of quantitative research methods in evaluating the effects of governmental policies and projects on educational equity and efficiency.
Publications Xu, D. & Trimble, M. (forthcoming). What about certificates? Evidence on the labor market returns to non-degree community college awards in two states. Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis.[Eastern Evaluation Research Society Certificate of Distinction]
  Xu, D., & Fletcher, J. (forthcoming) What Are the Economic Benefit of Various Pathways in
Community Colleges in the U.S.? In Shah, M., & Whiteford, G. (Eds). Bridges, Pathways and Transitions: International Innovations in Widening Participation. Chandos Publishing
  Jaggars, S.S. & Xu, D. (forthcoming). Examining Wage Trajectories of Community College
Students Using Growth Curve Modeling Approach. Journal of Research on Educational
  Jaggars, S.S., Hodara, M., Cho, S.W. & Xu, D. (2015) Accelerated Developmental Education: A synthesis of Empirical Evidence. Community College Review.
  Gong, X., Xu, D., & Han, W. J. (2015). The impact of household income on preschool attendance in China: A household fixed effects approach. Child Development.
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Differences across types of students and academic subject areas. Journal of Higher Education, 85, 633-659.
  Bickerstaff, S., Lontz, B., Cormier, M., & Xu, D. (2014). Redesigning arithmetic for
student success: Supporting faculty to teach in new ways. New Directions for Community
Colleges, 167, 5-14.
  Xu, D. & Jaggars, S.S. (2013). The impact of online learning on students’ course
outcomes: Evidence from a large community and technical college system. Economics of Education Review, 37, 46-57.
  Xu, D. & Jaggars, S.S. (2011). The effectiveness of distance education across Virginia’s
community colleges: Evidence from introductory college-level math and English courses, Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, 33, 360-377.
Eastern Evaluation Research Society Certificate of Distinction
  Assistance or obstacles? The impact of different levels of English remediation on under-prepared
students in community colleges. [Revise and Resubmit]
  Does developmental education improve labor market outcomes? Evidence from two states [with
Michelle Hodara, Revise and Resubmit, equal author] (also available as a CAPSEE and CCRC working paper)
  Do the lowest levels of remedial math generate positive effects for community college students?
[with Mina Dadgar, Revise and Resubmit]
  Examining the impact of adjunct instructors on student current and sequential course outcomes
in a community college System. [under review]
  The Impacts of Preschool Attendance on Teenagers’ Cognitive and Non-cognitive Development in
Rural China. [with Xin Gong and Wen-jui Han, under review]
  Non-Credit education in community colleges: students, enrollment patterns, and
academic outcomes. [with Xiaotao Ran, under review] (also available as a CCRC working paper)
  Discrimination or characteristics? A revisit to the gender wage gap in urban China.
[with Xin Gong, under review]
  How do online course design features influence student performance? [with Shanna Smith Jaggars, under review]
  Edgecombe, N., Jaggars, S.S., Xu, D., & Barragan, M. (2014). An analysis of Chabot
College’s accelerated developmental English pathway. (Working Paper No.71). New York, NY: Columbia University, Teachers College, Community College Research Center.
  Xu, D. & Jaggars, S.S. (2013). Adaptability to online learning: differences across types of students
and academic subject Areas. (Working Paper No.54). New York, NY: Columbia University, Teachers College, Community College Research Center.
  Jaggars, S.S & Xu, D. (2013). Predicting online student outcomes from a measure of course
Quality. (Working Paper No.57). New York, NY: Columbia University, Teachers College, Community College Research Center.
  Bailey, T. & Xu, D. (2012). Input-adjusted graduation rates and college accountability: What is
known from twenty years of research? Context For Success
  Xu, D. & Jaggars, S.S. (2011). Online and hybrid course enrollment and performance in
Washington state community and technical colleges. (Working Paper No.31). New York, NY: Columbia University, Teachers College, Community College Research Center.
  Jaggars, S.S. & Xu, D. (2010). Online learning in the Virginia community college system.
CCRC Working Paper. Available at:
Grants • Investigating Virtual Learning Environments, National Science Foundation (NSF), 2015-2020, CO-PI, $2,500,000
• Online Collaborative Problem-Solving in Remedial College Mathematics Project Description, 2015-2017, CO-PI, $30,000
• The Impacts of Initial Enrollment in Two-Year Colleges on Student Academic and Labor Market Outcomes, Institute for Education Sciences (IES), CAPSEE, Columbia University Teachers’ College, 2015-2016, PI, $40,000
• Non-Credit Vocational Education in Community Colleges, NSF-AIR Research Grant, Association of Institutional Research, NSF, 2014-2015, CO-PI, $40,000
• Increasing College Completion and Equity Through Strengthened Transfer Partnerships, Carnegie Corporation Research Grant, 2014-2015, CO-PI, $380,000
• NYU-ECNU Research Grant, Institute for Social Development at NYU Shanghai, 2014-2015, PI, $5,000
• AEFP New Scholar Grant, Association for Education Finance and Policy, 2014, PI, $3,000
• NSF-AIR Dissertation Grant, Association of Institutional Research, National Science Foundation, 2011, PI, $20,000
Other Experience Journal Referee
Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis; Economics of Education Review; Journal of Higher Education; Research in Higher Education; Community College Review; Journal of Online Learning and Teaching; International Journal of Vocational and Technical Education; Education Finance and Policy

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