Li-Mei Lin

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Director of Cerebrovascular/Endovascular Neurosurgery Research Program, Neurological Surgery
School of Medicine

M.D., Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
B.A., Columbia College, Columbia University, New York City, NY, Biochemistry

Phone: (714) 456-6966
Fax: (714) 456-8212

University of California, Irvine
101 The City Drive, Bldg 200,
Suite 210E
Mail Code: 5397
Irvine, CA 92697
Research Interests
Pipeline embolization device, flow diversion, cerebral aneurysms, endovascular devices
1. Lin LM, Colby GP, Jiang B, Pero G, Boccardi E, Coon AL. Transvenous approach for the treatment of direct carotid cavernous fistula following Pipeline embolization of cavernous carotid aneurysm: a report of two cases and review of the literature. J Neurointerv Surg 2014 August [Epub ahead of print].
2. Lin LM, Colby GP, Jiang B, Uwandu C, Huang J, Tamargo RJ, Coon AL. Classification of cavernous internal carotid artery tortuosity: a predictor of procedural complexity in Pipeline embolization. J Neurointerv Surg 2014 July [Epub ahead of print].
3. Colby GP, Lin LM, Nundkumar N, Jiang B, Huang J, Tamargo RJ, Coon AL. Radiation dose analysis of large and giant internal carotid artery aneurysm treatment with the pipeline embolization device versus traditional coiling techniques. J Neurointerv Surg 2014 April [Epub ahead of print].
4. Lin LM, Colby GP, Huang J, Tamargo RJ, Coon AL. Immediate and follow-up results for 44 consecutive cases of small (<10mm) internal carotid artery aneurysms treated with the Pipeline embolization device. Surg Neurol Int 2013 Sept:4:114.
5. Lin LM, Colby GP, Huang J, Tamargo RJ, Coon AL. Ultra-distal large-bore intracranial access using the hyperflexible Navien distal intracranial catheter for treatment of cerebrovascular pathologies: a technical note. J Neurointerv Surg 2013 June [Epub ahead of print].
6. Colby GP, Lin LM, Huang J, Tamargo RJ, Coon AL. Utilization of the Navien distal intracranial catheter during 78 cases of anterior circulation aneurysm treatment with the Pipeline embolization device. J Neurointerv Surg 2013 Mar [Epub ahead of print].
7. Colby GP, Gomez JF, Lin LM, Paul AR, Coon AL. In situ removal of the Pipeline embolization device: the ‘corking’ and ‘pseudo-corking’ techniques. J Neurointerv Surg 2013 Mar;5(2):e6.
8. Colby GP, Lin LM, Paul AR, Huang J, Tamargo RJ, Coon AL. Cost comparison of endovascular treatment of anterior circulation aneurysms with the Pipeline embolization device and stent-assisted coiling. Neurosurgery 2012 Nov;71(5):944-48.
9. Colby GP, Lin LM, Coon AL. Revisiting the risk of intraparenchymal hemorrhage following aneurysm treatment by flow diversion. AJNR Am J Neuroradiol 2012 Aug;33(7):E107.
10. Colby GP, Lin LM, Gomez JF, Paul AR, Huang J, Tamargo RJ, Coon AL. Immediate procedural outcomes in 35 consecutive Pipeline embolization cases: a single-center, single-user experience. J Neurointerv Surg 2012 Mar [Epub ahead of print].
11. Coon AL, Paul AR, Colby GP, Lin LM, Pradilla G, Huang J, Tamargo RJ. Comparison of tertiary-center aneurysm location frequencies in 400 consecutive cases: Decreasing incidence of posterior communicating artery region aneurysms. Surg Neurol Int 2011 Oct;2:152.
Professional Societies
Society for Neurointerventional Surgery (SNIS)
European Society of Minimally Invasive Neurological Therapy
American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS)
Congress of Neurological Surgeons (CNS)
Joint Cerebrovascular Section of the AANS/CNS
Joint Tumor Section of the AANS/CNS
Other Experience
Fellowship - Endovascular Neurosurgery
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Residency - Neurological Surgery
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

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