Michael A Yassa

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Professor and Chancellor's Fellow, Neurobiology and Behavior
School of Biological Sciences

Professor, Psychiatry & Human Behavior
School of Medicine

Professor, Neurology
School of Medicine

Professor, Psychological Science
School of Social Ecology

Director, Center for the Neurobiology of Learning and Memory

Ph.D., University of California, Irvine, 2010, Neurobiology
B.A., Johns Hopkins University, 2002, Neuroscience
M.A., Johns Hopkins University, 2007, Psychological and Brain Sciences

Phone: (949) 824-1687
Email: myassa@uci.edu

University of California, Irvine
1418 Biological Sciences 3
Mail Code: 4550
Irvine, CA 92697
Research Interests
learning, memory, aging, alzheimer's disease, neuroimaging, depression, anxiety, hippocampus
Academic Distinctions
2006 - Graduate Research Fellowship Honorable Mention, National Science Foundation, Arlington, VA
2007 - 2010 - Graduate Research Fellowship, National Science Foundation, Arlington, VA
2010 - Fine Science Tools Travel Award in Neuroscience, UC Irvine
2010 - Roger W. Russell Scholar’s Award, UC Irvine
2010 - Carl Cotman Scholar’s Award, UC Irvine
2011 - Ossoff Scholars Award in Cognitive Disorders Research, Johns Hopkins University
2012 - Distinguished Lectureship in Neuroscience and Aging, NIH/NIA
2013 - Endowed Lectureship in Brain Aging, Director’s Research Circle, Center for Vital Longevity, UT Dallas
2014 - Eugene Williams Endowed Lectureship, St. Luke’s Hospital, Chesterfield, MO
2015 - Excellence in Teaching Award, National Society for Leadership and Success, UC Irvine
2015 - Departmental Service Award, Neurobiology and Behavior, UC Irvine
2016 - Robert Newcomb Interdisciplinary Team Science Award, 90+ Study, ICTS, UC Irvine
2017 - Frank Logan ‘Quad-L’ Early Career Award in Learning, Memory, and Cognition, U New Mexico
2017 - 2020 - Chancellor’s Fellow, University of California, Irvine
2018 - Young Investigator Award, Cognitive Neuroscience Society
2018 - Edwards Endowed Public Lecture, University of Washington
2018 - Robert Newcomb Interdisciplinary Team Science Award, Conte Center, ICTS, UC Irvine
2019 - Robert Newcomb Interdisciplinary Team Science Award, BEACoN, ICTS, UC Irvine
Research Abstract
We are interested in understanding how our brains can store and retrieve massive amounts of information and in using this knowledge to improve the human condition. We use cutting-edge human neuroscience tools to understand learning and memory in healthy and diseased brains. In particular, we are trying to uncover ways in which our memory abilities change throughout the lifespan from childhood to older adulthood. We are also trying to develop ways to diagnose and treat memory disorders present in patients with progressive diseases like Alzheimer’s disease or mood disorders like depression. More recently, we have begun to explore the impact of lifestyle factors like sleep, diet, and exercise on memory and cognition. Our toolkit is dynamic and diverse. It includes cross-species brain imaging as well electrical recordings from the brains of epilepsy patients before they undergo neurological surgery. We develop and refine cognitive assessment tools that specifically target learning and memory functions, with the goal of developing improved diagnostic and prognostic tests that we can use in community mental health settings. We also develop new tools for imaging and recording brain function to explore its architecture at very fine levels of detail. We collaborate vigorously and widely with investigators across the globe and provide support with open tool development and data banks to facilitate discovery science.
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NIA R01 AG034613 - High-resolution structural and functional brain imaging of the medial temporal lobe in neurocognitive aging
NIMH R01 MH102392 - Neural mechanisms of emotional memory modulation in major depressive disorder
NIH/NIA R21 AG049220 - Selective Age-Related Vulnerability In Human Perirhinal And Lateral Entorhinal Cortices
NIH/NIA U01 AG051412 - Biomarkers for Alzheimer’s Disease in Adults with Down Syndrome
NIA P50 AG16573 (UCI ADRC) High-Resolution Neuroimaging Biomarkers of Preclinical Alzheimer’s Disease
NIA R01AG053555 - Neuroimaging Biomarkers for Cognitive Decline in Elderly with Amyloid Pathology
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