Annie Ro

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Assistant Professor, Public Health
Public Health

A.B., UC Berkeley, 2002, Psychology
M.P.H., UC Berkeley, 2006
Ph.D., University of Michigan, 2011, Public Health

Phone: (949) 824-6185

University of California, Irvine
Anteater Instruction and Research Buildling (AIRB)
Room 2036
Irvine, CA 92697
Research Interests
Social Determinants of Immigrant Health, Health Demography, Discrimination and Health, Social Epidemiology
UC President's Postdoctoral Scholar 2011-2013, UCLA Fielding School of Public Health
Research Abstract
I am a public health demographer who studies the social determinants of immigrant health. I focus on four interrelated influences on immigrant health: 1) conditions in the sending country; 2) the social context of reception in receiving countries; 3) cultural adaptation processes; and 4) individual demographic characteristics (ie, ethnicity, gender education).
Gee G.C., Ro A., Gavin A., Takeuchi D.T. (2008). Disentangling the Effects of Racial and Weight Discrimination on Body Mass Index and Obesity Among Asian Americans. American Journal of Public Health, 98(3):493-500.

Ro A., Choi K.H. (2009). Social Status Correlates of Reporting Sexism and Racism among Ethnically Diverse Women. Women and Health, 49(1):1-15.

Gee G.C., Ro A., Shariff-Marcos S., Chae D. (2009). Racial Discrimination and Health Among Asian Americans: Evidence, Assessment, and Directions for Future Research. Epidemiologic Reviews, 31(1), 130-151.

Ro A., Choi K.H. (2010). Effects of Gender Discrimination and Reported Stress on Drug Use Among Racially/Ethnically Diverse Women in Northern California. Women’s Health Issues, 20(3): 211-218.

Ro A., Gee, G.C. (2012). Disability Status Differentials Among Asian Immigrants in the United States: The Added Dimensions of Duration and Age. Race and Social Problems. 4(2), 83-92.

Walsemann, K., Gee, G., Ro, A. (2013). Educational Attainment in the Context of Social Inequality: New Directions for Research on Education and Health. American Behavioral Scientist. 57(8). 1082-1104.

Ro, A., Ayala, G., Paul, J., Choi, K.H. (2013). Dimensions of Racism and their Impact on Partner Selection among MSM of color: Components to Understanding Pathways to Sexual Risk. Culture, Health & Sexuality. 15(7): 836-850.

Ro, A. (2014). Occupational Mobility and Depression among the Foreign-Born. Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health. 16(6),1149-1156.

Ro, A. (2014) The Longer You Stay, the Worse Your Health? A Critical Review of the Negative Acculturation Theory among Asian Immigrants. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 11(8), 8038-8057.

Ro A., Fleischer, N. (2014). Changes in Health Selection among Mexican immigrants: A Binational Examination. Social Science and Medicine, 123, 114-124.

Ro, A., Geronimus, A., Bound, J., Griffith, D., Gee, G. (2015). An Examination of Cohort and Duration Effects in Obesity and Self-rated Health among Asian Immigrants. Biodemography and Social Biology, 61(1): 65-80.

Ro, A., Bostean, G. (2015). Duration of US stay and body mass index among Latino and Asian immigrants: A test of theoretical pathways. Social Science and Medicine, 144:39-47.

Gee, G.C., Morey, B., Walsemann, K., Ro, A., Takeuchi, D. (Forthcoming). Citizenship as Privilege and Social Identity: Implications for Psychological Distress. American Behavioral Scientist.
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