Debra Mauzy-Melitz

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Lecturer, Developmental & Cell Biology
School of Biological Sciences

Developmental Molecular Biology Ph.D., Marquette University, Milwaukee Wisconsin, 2001
Biology and Chemistry B.S., Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, 1976

Phone: (949) 824-2475

University of California, Irvine
4228 McGaugh Hall
Mail Code: 2300
Irvine, CA 92697
Academic Distinctions
National Academy of Sciences Education Fellows in the Life Sciences 2011-12

Achievement Institute of Scientific Studies- Making a Difference in Our World, December 2009

Member of the group during the period evaluated for the award: The Outreach and Minority Science Programs at the School of Biological Sciences received the Presidential Award for Excellence in Science,
Mathematics and Engineering January 2006

Helping Scientist of the Year, Achievement Institute of Scientific Studies August 29 2006

Exemplary Science Educator, California Science Project September 15 2007

Father Pedro Arrupe Award Feb 1999

Denis O'Brien Fellow May 1998

Richard Jobling Fellow 1997-1998

Charles O’Hara Fellow 1993
Research Abstract
I am a strong believer in using the scientific method as a basis for scientific pedagogy, and as a basis to develop excellence in scientific writing. I use review and critique of strong scientific writing examples to illustrate concepts detailed in class rubrics. Weaker examples are used to identify missing elements, such as problems in precision, clarity and logic. I employ metacognitive instruction to facilitate learning, how to learn and to encourage inquiry, translating into better evaluation of scientific writing and ultimately, better independent writing.
I use local research examples to illustrate lecture topics, to help students relate to the research mission of UC, Irvine. I relate class topics to the student’s lives to bring meaning to content. Relevancy leads to increased interest which leads to better writing.
I believe undergraduate science curricula should prepare students for future learning by developing critical thinking skills and providing tools which foster different ways of learning. I find opportunities to reach as far down the learning pyramid as practical, such as interactive break-out activities during lectures, and collaborative writing and peer review within assignments.

I developed and implemented inquiry-based science modules for K-12 students:
(Many Facets of Wisconsin Insects, Water – The Drop of Life, Nutrition, Forensics, Biotechnology, Using Isopods to Illustrate the Scientific Principle), teachers and non science professionals: (Forensics for Defense Lawyers, Exercise, Nutrition and You, Color Genetics of Hedgehogs, Using Molecular Models to Understand the Properties of Water and Dog and Genetics)

I developed of new interactive models illustrating the principles of H-bonding, solubility, insect classification, carbohydrate synthesis and metabolism, and DNA Fingerprinting. Water and salt models illustrating hydrogen bonding and solubility are now commercially available through 3D Molecular Designs, Wauwatosa, WI.
In collaboration with Dr. Ann Snyder, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, We developed a two-week outreach program on Exercise, Nutrition and You for students grades 4-12 with a teacher workshop and web materials.

Undergraduate Courses taught: Experimental Biology with Scientific Writing, Dogs and Genetics, General Biology, Principles of Biological Investigation, Immunobiology, Experimental Cell Biology, Experimental Embryology
Mauzy-Melitz, DK, and Snyder, AC. Exercise, Nutrition and You: An Off-campus Course for Grades Two through Twelve. Adv. Physiol. Educ. 2005 Jun;29(2):103-6.
Mauzy-Melitz, DK, and Waring, GL. fc177, a minor dec-1 proprotein, is necessary to prevent ectopic aggregation of the endochorion during eggshell assembly in Drosophila. Dev. Biol. 2003 Mar 15;255(2):193-205.
Nogueron. MI., Mauzy-Melitz, DK, and Waring GL. Drosophila dec-1 eggshell proteins are differentially distributed via a multi-step extracellular processing and localization pathway. Dev. Biol. 2000 Sep 15;225(2):459-70.
Amrani DL, Mauzy-Melitz D, and Mosesson, MW. Effects of Hepatocyte Stimulating Factors and Glucocorticoids on Plasma Fibronectin Levels. Biochem. J. 1986 Sep 1;238(2):365-71.
Chen, C-M, and Melitz DK. Metabolism of Cytokinin: Phosphoribosylation of Cytokinin Bases by Adenine Phosphoribosyltransferase from Wheat Germ. Arch. Biochem. Biophys. 1982 Apr 1;214(2):634-41.
NSF: Division of Undergraduate Education, Robert Noyce Scholarship Program Co-PI UCI Cal Teach Summer Intern and Scholarships Collaboration between the UC Irvine, Informal science centers and community industry partners to provide to recruit, train, and provide professional and financial support for future mathematics and science teachers (2009-2014)
Toshiba America Foundation: Investigating the Effects of Fires on Our Local Ecosystem Collaboration between the UC Irvine and Santa Ana School secondary science teachers to improve education in life sciences and biological sciences in grades 7-12, in under-served school systems, in accordance with the California’s Science Content Standards. (2004 to 2007)
UC Irvine Dean of the Division of Undergraduate Education Assessment Grant (2011-2012)
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