Jack J Lin

Professor of Clinical Neurology, Director UC Irvine Comprehensive Epilepsy Program, Neurology
School of Medicine

Professor of Biomedical Engineering
The Henry Samueli School of Engineering

M.D., Rush Medical College, 1998

Phone: 714-456-6203
Email: linjj@uci.edu

University of California, Irvine
100 Irvine Hall
Mail Code: 4275
Irvine, CA 92697

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1995 Selected for NIH Summer Research Fellowship Program (SRFP)
2001, 2002 Golden Neuron Award for Resident of the Year, UCSD
2003-2004 Fritz E. Dreifuss Award; National EpiFellows Foundation
2003-2004 William Gowers Fellowship, Epilepsy Foundation
2009 van den Noort Award for junior faculty research, Department of Neurology, UC Irvine
2010-2015 Selected as Steward for NIH/NINDS Epilepsy Research Benchmarks
2013 Selected as a “rising star” in epilepsy by the Editorial Board of Epilepsy & Behavior
2013 Butler Family Endowed Lectureship in Epilepsy, University of Alberta, Edmonton
2014 Member of the Editorial Board of Epilepsy & Behavior
2017 Fellow, Center of Neurobiology of Learning and Memory
2017 Fellow, American Epilepsy Society
2018 Orange County Physician of Excellence Award
Jack Lin is a clinician scientist who directs the UC Irvine Comprehensive Epilepsy Program, a highly productive human intracranial electrophysiology research program. He has expertise in studying human cognitive and emotional processing using intracranial electrophysiology with high spatial and temporal dynamics. In patients with implanted depth electrodes in the mesial temporal lobe, he has demonstrated that during contextual fear processing, the amygdala unidirectional influences the hippocampus. In addition, he has shown that such modulation is mediated through coherent theta and alpha frequency oscillations between these two core brain structures. More recently, his laboratory has developed the ability to record single-unit neuron activity from the human hippocampus and medial prefrontal cortex. Such technical advancement to explore human neurophysiology at the level of single neuron resolution is rare and only a few laboratory in the United States and worldwide currently process this ability.
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a. Accompanied commentary by Prof. Shlomo Shinnar, MD, PhD "Whatever happened to the primary generalized epilepsies of childhood and adolescence?"

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Grants 2009-2014 NIH NINDS NS060993 K23: Mentored Patient-Orientated Career Development Award Project Title: Early-onset epilepsy and genetics influence white matter tracts and cognition
Site-Principal Investigator, DARPA BTO Neural Engineering System Design (NESD) Project Title: Neural I/O Bus (NIOB) using Microwire Bundles: Speech Prosthesis Funding date: 1/1/2017 to 12/31/2020 Goal: This project focuses on defining and validating Sensory Data Transformation Algorithms in human single and multi-unit recordings prior to availability of the NIOB system. The specific application is a Speech Prosthetic device that supports READ and WRITE transformations. The goal of this Task is to identify the best performing predictive READ/WRITE algorithms in humans. TDC: $1,700,000 PI: Matthew R. Angles, PhD (Paradromics, Inc.)
American Epilepsy Society, American Academy of Neurology
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