Allen P. Kong

picture of Allen P. Kong

Assistant Clinical Professor, Surgery
School of Medicine

M.D., University of California, Irvine, 2002

Phone: (714) 456-5840

University of California, Irvine
333 City Boulevard West
Suite 705
Mail Code: 5375
Orange, CA 92868
Academic Distinctions
9/1994-6/1995 Vice-President, UC Davis College Bowl Club
9/1993-6/1997 Four-Year Regents’ Scholarship recipient
Dean’s List (12 quarters)
1996 UC Davis President’s Undergraduate Fellowship recipient
1996 Howard Hughes Medical Institute SHARP Research Fellowship
1997 Golden Key National Honor Society
Phi Beta Kappa National Honor Society
Phi Kappa Phi National Honor Society
Phi Sigma National Honor Society
1998-1999 Basic Science Certificate of Excellence
2002 Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society
2003 NIH Summer Research Fellowship
2003 Golden Scalpel Award for Excellence in Surgical Teaching
Intern Recipient
2007 Resident of the Year - Kaiser Anaheim Medical Center
Research Abstract
1. Kaiser M, Whealon M, Barrios C, Kong A, Lekawa M, Tran M, Dolich M. Platelet Function Assay Elevation as a Risk Factor for Intracranial Hemorrhage and Mortality. Submitted to Trauma, September 2012

2. Barrios C, Pham J, Kong AP, Dolich MO, Lekawa ME. Clinical Significance of Occult Pulmonary Contusions in the Evaluation of Blunt Trauma Patients. Submitted for publication in the Journal of Trauma, October 2012.

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20. Dhillon RS, Barrios C, Pham J, Bernal N, Kong A, Lekawa M, Dolich M. Seatbelt sign as an indication for four-vessel computed tomography angiogram of the neck to diagnose blunt carotid artery and other cervical vascular injuries. Am Surg, 2013 Oct;79(10): 1001-4.
19. Patel MS, Ewing T, Kong A, Nguyen D, Lau C, Barrios C, Cinat M, Dolich M, Lekawa ME,Malinoski DJ. Risk Factors for Venous Thromboembolism in Critically-Ill Non-trauma Surgical Patients Who Cannot Receive Chemical Prophylaxis. Am J Surg, 2013 September;206(3): 300-306. Epub 2013 Jun 4.PMID: 23759695.
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17. Malinoski DJ, Ewing T, Patel M, Jafari F, Sloan B, Nguyen B, Barrios C, Kong A, Cinat M,
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16. Pinette A, Pham JK, Kong AP, Bernal NP, Dolich MO, Lekawa ME, Barrios C. A Comparison of
Thoracic CT and Abdominal CT for the Identification of Thoracic Blunt Trauma. Am J Surg,
2012 Dec;204(6): 927-31. PMID: 23231934.
15. Ewing T, Barrios C, Lau C, Patel MS, Cui E, Garcia SD, Kong A, Lotfipour S, Lekawa M,
Malinoski D. Predictors of hazardous drinking behavior in 1,340 adult trauma patients: a
computerized alcohol screening and intervention study. JACS, 2012 Oct 2; 215(4):489-95.
PMID: 22683248.
14. Kaiser ML, Whealon MD, Barrios C, Kong AP, Lekawa ME, Dolich MO. The current role of magnetic resonance imaging for diagnosing cervical spine injury in blunt trauma patients with negative computed tomography scan. Am Surg, 2012 Oct; 78(10):1156-60. PMID:
13. Finigan R, Pham J, Mendoza R, Lekawa M, Dolich M, Kong A, Bernal N, Lush S, Barrios C. Risk for contrast-induced nephropathy in elderly trauma patients. Am Surg, 2012 Oct;78(10):1114-7. PMID: 23025953.
12. Kong AP, Stamos MJ. Anorectal Complaints: Office Diagnosis and Treatment, Part 2.Consultant, September 2012; 52(9): 633-36.
11. Kong AP, Stamos MJ. Anorectal Complaints: Office Diagnosis and Treatment, Part I.Consultant,August 2012;52(8):567-70.
10. Kaiser M, Kong AP, Steward E, Whealon BS, Patel M, Hoyt DB, Cinat M. Laser Doppler imaging for early detection of hemorrhage. Trauma, 2011 August; 71(2): 401-406. PMID: 21825944.
9. Malinoski DJ, Ewing T, Nguyen D, Le T, Cui E, Patel MS, Kong A, Dolich M, Barrios C, Cinat M, Lekawa M, Salim A. The natural history of upper extremity deep venous thrombosis in
critically ill surgical and trauma patients: what is the role of anticoagulation? Journal of Trauma, 2011 August; 71(2):316-22. PMID: 21825933
8. Kong AP, Barrios C, Salim A, Willis L, Cinat ME, Dolich MO, Lekawa ME, Malinoski DJ. A Multidisciplinary Organ Donor Council and Performance Improvement Initiative Can Help Save Lives. In press with The American Surgeon.
7. Malinoski DJ, Jafari F, Ewing T, Ardary C, Conniff H, Baje M, Kong A, Lekawa ME, Dolich MO, Cinat ME, Barrios C, Hoyt DB. Standard Prophylactic Enoxaparin Dosing Leads To Inadequate Anti-XA Levels And Increased Deep Venous Thrombosis Rates In Critically Ill Trauma And Surgical Patients. The Journal of Trauma, 2010; 68(4): 874–880.
6. Kong AP, Kim J, Holt A, et al. “Selective treatment of rectal cancer with single-stage coloanal or ultralow colorectal anastomosis does not adversely affect morbidity and mortality.” Int J Colorectal Dis August 2007. 22(8):897-901. Epub 2007 Mar 15
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2. Kong AP, Stamos MJ. “Anorectal Complaints: Office Diagnosis and Treatment.” Consultant 2005. 45(7):731-9.
1. Hess JF, Casselman JT, Kong AP, et al. “Primary Sequence, Secondary Structure, Gene Structure, and Assembly Properties Suggests that the Lens-specific Cytoskeletal Protein Filensin Represents a Novel Class of Intermediate Filament Protein.” Exp Eye Res 1998. 66:625-44.
Professional Society
Society of Critical Care Medicine
Other Experience
General Surgery Residency
University of California, Irvine, School of Medicine 2002—2008

Surgical Critical Care Fellowship
University of California, Irvine, School of Medicine 2008—2009

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