Lbachir BenMohamed

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Professor and Director, Cellular and Molecular Immunology, Ophthalmology
School of Medicine

Ph.D., Pasteur Institute, Paris, France, 1997, Immunology and Vaccine Development

Phone: 949-824- 8937
Fax: 949-824-9626

University of California, Irvine
843 Health Sciences Road
Hewitt Hall , Building 843, 2nd Floor, Room 2032
Mail Code: 4390
Irvine, CA 92697
Research Interests
Two major topics: (1) Infection and Immunity/immunopathology; (2) Cancer and immunity/immunopathology
Academic Distinctions
• 1992-1996 Assistant Researcher. Immuno-Parasitology, Department of Immunology, Pasteur Institute, France.

• 1997-1998 Research Fellow. Immuno-virology, Department of Hematology/BMT, City of Hope National Medical Center, Duarte, CA, USA

• 1998-1999 Research Fellow. Immuno-virology, Division of Immunology, Beckman Research Institute, City of Hope, Duarte, CA, USA
• 1999-2001 Research Scientist Step I. Immuno-virology, Ophthalmology Research. Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA, USA

• 2002-2004 Assistant Researcher Step IV. Immuno-virology, Department of Ophthalmology & Center for Immunology. University of California Irvine, Orange, CA, USA

• 2004-2007 Assistant Professor of Immunology. Department of Ophthalmology, University of California Irvine, Orange, CA, USA

• 2007-2014 Associate Professor of Immunology, Step I. Department of Ophthalmology, University of California Irvine, Orange, CA, USA

• 2014 -present Professor of Immunology, Step I. Department of Ophthalmology, University of California Irvine, Orange, CA, USA
Research Abstract
Dr. BenMohamed is a Professor of Immunology, the founder and the head of the Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Immunology in the Department of Ophthalmology at the University of California. He also holds a joint appointment with the Center of Immunology at UC Irvine and with Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center UCI Medical center. Dr. BenMohamed received his Ph.D. in Immunology from the Pasteur Institute, Paris, France in 1997 where he worked as the key developer and co-inventor of a new promising vaccine strategy that uses mucosal delivery of clinically approved lipopeptide molecules. Dr. BenMohamed has been involved in clinical immunology, humoral and cellular immune responses, epitope mapping, epitope improvement, and the development and optimization of sub-unit vaccines against several infectious diseases including malaria Plasmodium falciparum, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) and herpes simplex virus type 1 and type 2 (HSV-1 and HSV-2). Dr. BenMohamed is an independent immunologist, with a national and international reputation in vaccine development against both infectious diseases and cancer. Dr. BenMohamed is well integrated into the scientific community within the United States as well as Europe and is actively involved in a number of professional societies including American Association of Immunologists (AAI), American Society for Microbiology (ASM), American Society for Hematology (ASH), Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO).
Available Technologies
1. Fidock DA, Gras-Masse H, Lepers JP, Brahimi K, BenMohamed L, Mellouk S, Guerin-Marchand C, Londono A, Raharimalala L & Meis JF. Plasmodium falciparum liver stage antigen-1 is well conserved and contains potent B and T cell determinants. The Journal of Immunology. 1994.153(1): 190-204.

2. Bottius E, BenMohamed L, Brahimi K, Gras H, Lepers JP, Raharimalala L, Aikawa M, Meis J, Slierendregt B, Tartar A, Thomas A & Druilhe P. A novel Plasmodium falciparum sporozoite and liver stage antigen (SALSA) defines major B, T helper, and CTL epitopes. The Journal of Immunology. 1996. 156(8): 2874-84.

3. BenMohamed L, Gras-Masse H, Tartar A, Daubersies P, Brahimi K, Bossus M, Thomas A & Druilhe P. Lipopeptide immunization without adjuvant induces potent and long-lasting B, T helper, and cytotoxic T lymphocyte responses against a malaria liver stage antigen in mice and chimpanzees. European Journal of Immunology. 1997. 27(5): 1242-53.

4. Bossus M, BenMohamed L, Londono A, Barbier B, Tartar A, Druilhe P & Gras-Masse H. Improved detection of human antibodies to a Plasmodium antigen using a peptide modified with Aib residues. Journal of Peptide Science. 1997. 3(1): 47-53.

5. Daubersies P, Thomas AW, Millet P, Brahimi K, Langermans JA, Ollomo B, BenMohamed L, Slierendregt B, Eling W, Van Belkum A, Dubreuil G, Meis JF, Guérin-Marchand C, Cayphas S, Cohen J, Gras-Masse H, Druilhe P. Protection against Plasmodium falciparum malaria in chimpanzees by immunization with the conserved pre-erythrocytic liver-stage antigen 3. Nature Medicine. 2000. 6(11): 1258-63.

6. BenMohamed L, Krishnan R, Longmate J, Auge C, Low L, Primus J, Diamond DJ. Induction of CTL response by a minimal epitope vaccine in HLA A*0201/DR1 transgenic mice: dependence on HLA class II restricted T(H) response. Human Immunology. 2000. 61(8): 764-79.

7. BenMohamed L, Thomas A, Bossus M, Brahimi K, Wubben J, Gras-Masse H, Druilhe P. High immunogenicity in chimpanzees of peptides and lipopeptides derived from four new Plasmodium falciparum pre-erythrocytic molecules. Vaccine. 2000. 18(25): 2843-55.

8. Brahimi K, Badell E, Sauzet JP, BenMohamed L, Daubersies P, Guérin-Marchand C, Snounou G, Druilhe P. Human antibodies against Plasmodium falciparum liver-stage antigen 3 cross-react with Plasmodium yoelii preerythrocytic-stage epitopes and inhibit sporozoite invasion in vitro and in vivo. Infection and Immunity. 2001. 69(6): 3845-52.

9. Perng GC, Maguen B, Jin L, Mott KR, Kurylo J, BenMohamed L, Yukht A, Osorio N, Nesburn AB, Henderson G, Inman M, Jones C, Wechsler SL. A novel herpes simplex virus type 1 transcript (AL- RNA) antisense to the 5? end of the latency-associated transcript produces a protein in infected rabbits. Journal of Virology. 2002. 76(16): 8003-10.

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15. Zhu X, Ramos TV, Gras-Masse H, Kaplan BE & BenMohamed L. Lipopeptide epitopes extended by an Nepsilon-palmitoyl-lysine moiety increase uptake and maturation of dendritic cells through a Toll- like receptor-2 pathway and trigger a Th1-dependent protective immunity. European Journal of Immunology. 2004. 4(11): 3102-14.

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20. Zhang X, Issagholian A, Berg EA, Fishman JB, Nesburn AB & BenMohamed L. Th-cytotoxic T- lymphocyte chimeric epitopes extended by Nepsilon-palmitoyl lysines induce herpes simplex virus type 1-specific effector CD8+ Tc1 responses and protect against ocular infection. Journal of Virology. 2005. 79(24): 15289-301.

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CURRENT RESEARCH GRANTS 1. RO1 Grant from National Institute of Health (NEI). Ocular Mucosal Immunity Induced By HSV1 Lipopeptides. EY14900. September, 30, 2003 to May 31 2012. Principal Investigator: Lbachir BenMohamed. 2. Discovery Eye Foundation. Therapeutic vaccine against ocular herpes in HLA transgenic rabbits.. January, 1, 2009 to December 31 2015. Principal Investigator: Lbachir BenMohamed. 3. RO1 Grant from National Institute of Health (NEI). Role of TGFbeta in Corneal Stromal Wound Healing. EY007348 March, 1st, 2006 to April 31 2011. Co-Investigator (10%): Lbachir BenMohamed. 4. RO1 Grant from National Institute of Health (NEI). Corneal HSV-1: Immunopathologic Mechanisms of HSK. EY018171. January, 1st, 2008 to December 31 2010. Co-Investigator (10%): Lbachir BenMohamed. 5. R24 Core grant from National Institute of Health (NEI). Vision Research Infrastructure Development. EY016663. June 1, 2005-May 31, 2010. Co-Investigator, Director of Cell Culture Module (5%): Lbachir BenMohamed. 6. T32 Grant from National Institute of Health (NIAID). AI060573 Immunology Research Training Program. In collaboration with faculty members at the New Center for Immunology at UCI. June 1, 2005-May 31, 2010 Co-Investigator: Lbachir BenMohamed. COMPLETED RESEARCH GRANTS 1. RO3 Grant from National Institute of Health (NEI). Interaction of HSV-1 LAT gene with dendritic cell function. EY14017, April 1, 2002 to March 31 2005. Principal Investigator: Lbachir BenMohamed. 2. Career Development Award, RPB Grant Research To Prevent Blindness. Therapeutic Efficacy of Lipopeptide vaccines against ocular herpes in rabbits. 445043-53779. September, 30, 2005 to August 31 2006. Principal Investigator: Lbachir BenMohamed. 3. RO1 Grant from National Institute of Health (NEI). Ocular Mucosal Immunity. EY015225. August, 1st, 2004 to June 31 2008. Co-Principal Investigator (20%): Lbachir BenMohamed. RESEARCH GRANT PROPOSALS SUBMITTED PENDING REVIEW 1. (BenMohamed) 12/01/09 – 11/30/11 NIH/NCI Towards Multivalent Anti-Prostate Cancer Nano-Vaccine 2. (BenMohamed) 12/01/09 – 11/30/14 NIH/NEI Therapeutic Ocular HSV Vaccine in HLA Transgenic Rabbits 3. (BenMohamed) 12/01/09 – 11/30/14 NIH/NEI “Ocular Mucosal Immunity Induced by HSV-1 Lipopeptide” 4. NIH/NCI SUB-CONTRACT with University of Michigan (PI. Dr. Huang) 5. (BenMohamed) 12/01/09 – 11/30/14 NIH Misc Agencies & Depts “Human CD8+ T cells and recurrent ocular herpes disease” 6. (BenMohamed) 01/01/10 – 12/31/10 The Discovery Eye Foundation “Towards the rational design of a therapeutic vaccine to prevent Ocular Herpes” 7. (BenMohamed) 01/01/10 – 12/31/10 Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation ”G
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