Brad Hughes

Director, Strategic Media Productions
School of Biological Sciences

Senate Faculty SOE, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
School of Biological Sciences

Affiliated Faculty, Education
School of Education

Affiliated Faculty, Drama
Claire Trevor School of the Arts

Director, UCI Cal Teach Noyce Summer Interns and Scholarships Program

Director, MS Biological Sciences and Educational Media Design

Senior Fellow, Science, Education and Media, Aquarium Of the Pacific

Director, ESCAPE Program

Director, Science Education and Media
School of Biological Sciences

Research Associate, California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology (Calit2)


Phone: (949) 824-2359

University of California, Irvine
301 Steinhaus Hall (Office)
347 Steinhaus Hall (Media Lab)
1144 NS1 (Production Studio)
Mail Code: 2525
Irvine, CA 92697

picture of Brad  Hughes

Innovations in Educational Media Production Technologies, Interdisciplinary STEAM Education, Cinematic Video Production Arts, Experimental Evolution, Sustainable Energy, Marine Science, Ecological Modeling, Scientific Visual Arts
URLs M.S. in Biological Sciences and Educational Media Design
ESCAPE Project Press Release
Brad Hughes, Ph.D., Senate Faculty SOE, is the Francisco Ayala School of Biological
Sciences Director of Science Education and Media, and Director of Strategic Media
Productions. Dealing with an array of innovative media production, research, and
teaching, Dr. Hughes fills an interdisciplinary role on campus. While a tenured senate
faculty member in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, he Is also an
affiliated faculty member of the Clair Trevor School of the Arts Drama Department,
the School of Education, and Associate Researcher with the California Institute of
Telecommunications and Information Technology.

Some of Dr. Hughes’ courses include: Communicating Research Through Video,
Documenting Research Through Cinematic Production, Research Methods,
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Physiology, Complex Pedagogical Design,
Experimental Evolution, Teaching Science Through the Arts, Stage to Screen
Cinema and Multimedia Production.

Some of Dr. Hughes’ interests include: Development of innovative media
production techniques & technologies; Interdisciplinary STEM and Arts integration
(STEAM) spanning K-12, university, and private sectors; Motion picture and new
media producing and directing for entertainment, education and research
connecting to the public; Increasing performance in corporate and educational
organizations through integrating strategic training, human resource development,
communications, advertising and events; Next generation online training &
educational production and research.
Publications Xu, J.Z., Graham, N.J, Kang, N., Wu, T.H., Patel, A., Hughes, B.S. (in press). Online and In-Class Applications of Neurobiological Animations as Advanced Pedagogical Tools for Enhancing Education, International Journal of Web-Based Learning and Teaching Technologies
  Xu, J.Z., Graham, N.J., Gaines, S.E., *Hughes, B.S.Book 'Revolutionizing Education through Web-Based Instruction' Chapter: A Proposed Protocol of Multimedia Optimized Production for STEAM e-Learning (In Press)
  Gallet R., Y. Latour, B.S. Hughes, and T. Lenormand. 2014. The Dynamics Of Niche Evolution Upon Abrupt Environmental Change. Evolution doi:10.1111/evo.12359
  Albert F. Bennett and Bradley S Hughes. 2009. Microbial Experimental Evolution. Am J Physiol Regulatory Integrative Comp Physiol 297:17-25
  Hughes B.S. 2008. Evolutionary patterns of Escherichia coli growth in seawater determined with a Host To Coast Environmental Laboratory Analog. Aquatic Microbial Ecology 53:243-255
  Hughes B.S., A.J. Cullum, and A.F. Bennett. 2007. Evolutionary adaptation to environmental pH in experimental lineages of Escherichia coli. Evolution 61:1725-1734
  Hughes B.S., A.J. Cullum, and A.F. Bennett. 2007. An experimental evolutionary study on adaptation to temporally fluctuating pH in Escherichia coli. Physiological and Biochemical Zoology 80:406-421
  Hughes B.S. 2007. Spiraling evolutionary patterns in cycling environments: The experimental evolution of superior ecological generalists. Dissertation
Grants NSF Grant #0748903, Experimental Evolutionary Studies of Temperature (2008-2012) Adaptation: Researcher and Educational Institute Coordinator, $900,000
NMSI UTeach Grant #42818, National Math and Science Initiative (2008-2013) Replication of UTeach: Co-Director $2,400,000
NSF Grant #0723288, Flow sensing in the Lateral Line System of Zebrafish Larvae (2007-2010): Co-PI, $186,829
NSF GK-12 Grant #063875, Innovating Graduate and K-12 Education in Biological Sciences (2007-2012): Lecturer, Summer Institute Instructor, $2,200,000
NSF Grant 0934928, UCI Cal Teach Noyce Summer Intern & Scholarships (2009-2016): PI & Director $900,000
NSF Grant 1031783, Collaborative Research: Evolutionary Ecology of Marine Cyanophages (2010-2013): Co-PI $813,207
ITQ Grant ITQ-10-710, Improving Teacher Quality (2010-2014): PI & Media Director $1,101,427
NSF Grant #DRL-1321343, ESCAPE: Equitable Science Curriculum Integrating Arts in Public Education (2013-2017): PI and Media Director, $6,430,103
NSF Grant #1332740, Collaborative proposal: Cyanophage-Synechococcus interactions in complex communities (2013-2016): Co-PI $823,576
National Association for Research in Science Teaching
American Educational Researchers Association
Association of American Geographers
The Society for the Study of Evolution
Research Centers California Institute of Technology and Telecommunications
Innovation Media Lab
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