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Senate Faculty
School of Biological Sciences

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School of Education

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Claire Trevor School of the Arts


ORCiD: 0000-0001-9436-8401


University of California, Irvine

Mail Code: 2525
Irvine, CA 92697
Research Interests
Educational Technology Innovation & Leadership; Learning Experience Design; Media Production; International Educational Experience; STEAM/STEM; Hybrid Learning; Human Evolution of Neurobiology and Behavior; Mobile Museum Innovation
Research Abstract
Dr. Hughes’ scholarly interests include: Innovations in lifelong learning; Interdisciplinary STEM and Arts integration for STEAM Education; Media production connecting research to the public; Synthesis of evolutionary psychology and anthropological research applied to modern-day sociological phenomena; Transforming education to incorporate interactive online training; Integrating multimedia-based storytelling; Designing meaningful education for students from all backgrounds; Applying neuroscience and evolutionary psychology to the process of stage and screen performance and interactive storytelling; Developing methods of educational innovations to secure a fiscally challenged system with a more sustainable, engaging and affordable learning paradigm; Models of management for increasing employee value and innovation.

Dr. Hughes shares his educational research for increasing efficacy, affordability and equitability for all learners through peer reviewed presentations, such as (recent sub-list):

42. Hughes, B. (2020). Designing Quality Online Professional Development: A Mixed Methods Review and Analysis of Efforts and Outcomes. (with J. Wong, S. Andersen, M. Corrigan, D. Grove) Paper presented at American Educational Research Association (AERA), San Francisco, CA.

43. Hughes, B. (2020). Improving Science Instruction and Perceptions through Increased Science Knowledge: An Examination of Teaching Efficacy and Perceptions. (with J. Wong, S. Andersen, M. Corrigan, D. Grove) Paper presented at American Educational Research Association (AERA), San Francisco, CA.

44. Hughes, B. (2021). Quality Matters: Instructional Design Efforts for Online Teacher Professional Development in Elementary Science Instruction. (with J. Wong) Presented at American Educational Research Association (AERA), virtual conference.

45. Hughes, B. (2021). Online Professional Development: The Effects of Teaching Efficacy and Perceptions on Teaching Science through Arts and Technology. (with J. Wong) Presented at American Educational Research Association (AERA), virtual conference.

46. Hughes, B. (2021). Learning Experience and Instructional Design Efforts Promoting Self-efficacy and Task-value in Undergraduate Science Online Courses. (with J. Wong) NARST (National Association for Research in Science Teaching), virtual conference.

47. Hughes, B. (2022). Leveraging Learning Experience Design to Deploy Embedded Video Questions to Support Students' Online Learning Experience. (with J. Wong, N. Au Yeung, L. Richland). NARST (National Association for Research in Science Teaching) Annual Conference. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

48. Hughes, B. (2022). Leveraging Learning Experience Design to Support Student Learning Behaviors in Online Undergraduate Courses. (with J. Wong) AERA (American Educational Research Association) Annual Conference. San Diego, California, USA. (

49. Hughes, B. (2022). Online Teacher Professional Development: Leveraging Instructional Design to Support Teachers’ Science Content Knowledge, STEAM Perceptions, and Self-efficacy to Improve NGSS Elementary Science Instruction through Digital Media. (with J. Wong, E. Bui, D. Fields). ILS (Innovate Learning Summit) Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE) Annual Conference.

50. Hughes, B. (2022). Improving Next Generation Science Standards Elementary Science Teacher Self-Efficacy Through Online Learning Experience Design. (with E. Bui, J. Wong, D. Fields). AERA (American Educational Research Association) Annual Conference. San Diego, California, USA. (
Awards and Honors
UCI Celebration of Teaching, Instructional Technology Innovation
Short Biography
Brad Hughes, Ph.D., fills an interdisciplinary role on campus, developing integrative STEAM educational innovations across fields of Evolution, Ecology, Psychology, Anthropology, Arts, Education and Media Production, through appointments as a senate faculty member in the School of Biological Sciences, the Claire Trevor School of the Arts, and the School of Education.

Some of Dr. Hughes’ University of California courses taught include: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Evolutionary Psychology, Advanced Pedagogical Design, Research Methods for STEM Educators, Communicating Research Through Video, Microbial Experimental Evolution, Physiology Laboratory, Life-Sciencing, Documenting Research Through Cinematic Production, Elementary Science Methods, Secondary Science Methods, Complex Pedagogical Design, Teaching Science Through the Arts for Elementary Teachers.

In support of California Educational Systems, Dr. Hughes: has led Professional Development for in-service and pre-service teachers, in connection with leadership roles in various initiatives such as CalTeach, CLASS (Center for Learning in the Arts, Sciences and Sustainability), ESCAPE (Equitable Science Curriculum integrating Arts in Public Education), National Science Foundation Noyce Program, ITQ (Improving Teacher Quality), CES NSRF (Coalition of Essential Schools, National School Reform Faculty); has trained and supervised hundreds of K-12 public school teachers for their teaching credential; holds a California Teaching Credential in Life Science, Chemistry, Psychology, Social Science; Directs Museum Of Teaching And Learning as CFO, developing innovative mobile exhibits for California audiences.
SELECTED ARTICLE: Wong, J. T., & Hughes, B. S. (2022). Leveraging Learning Experience Design: Digital Media Approaches to Influence Motivational Traits that Support Student Learning Behaviors in Undergraduate Online Courses. Journal of Computing in Higher Education, (
SELECTED ARTICLE: Joseph T. Wong, Nu N. Bui, Damani T. Fields & Bradley S. Hughes (2022). A Learning Experience Design Approach to Online Professional Development for Teaching Science through the Arts: Evaluation of Teacher Content Knowledge, Self-Efficacy and STEAM Perceptions, Journal of Science Teacher Education, DOI: 10.1080/1046560X.2022.2112552
SELECTED ARTICLE: Hughes, B.S., Corrigan, M.W., Grove, D. Andersen, S.B., Wong J.T. (2022). Integrating arts with STEM and leading with STEAM to increase science learning with equity for emerging bilingual learners in the United States. International Journal of STEM Education. 9, 58.
SELECTED ARTICLE: Michael W. Corrigan, Doug Grove, Sage B. Andersen, Joseph T. Wong, Bradley S. Hughes. (2022). Sometimes Finding Nothing is Something: Case in Point - Shrinking the Gap between Emerging Bilingual Learners and English Fluent Students. International Journal of Educational Methodology, volume 8 issue 1, pp11-27. DOI: 10.12973/ijem.8.1.11 (
SELECTED ARTICLE: Gallet R., Y. Latour, B.S. Hughes, and T. Lenormand. (2014). The Dynamics Of Niche Evolution Upon Abrupt Environmental Change. Evolution doi:10.1111/evo.12359
SELECTED ARTICLE: Albert F. Bennett and Bradley S Hughes (2009). Microbial Experimental Evolution. Am J Physiol Regulatory Integrative Comp Physiol 297:17-25
SELECTED ARTICLE: Hughes B.S. (2008). Evolutionary patterns of Escherichia coli growth in seawater determined with a Host To Coast Environmental Laboratory Analog. Aquatic Microbial Ecology 53:243-255
SELECTED ARTICLE: Hughes, Bradley S., Alistair J. Cullum, and Albert F. Bennett. (2007). An experimental evolutionary study on adaptation to temporally fluctuating pH in Escherichia coli. Physiological and Biochemical Zoology, 80.4 406-421. (DOI: 10.1086/518353)
SELECTED ARTICLE: Hughes B.S., A.J. Cullum, and A.F. Bennett (2007). Evolutionary adaptation to environmental pH in experimental lineages of Escherichia coli. Evolution 61:1725-1734
BOOK CHAPTER: Xu, J. Z., Graham, N., Gaines, S. E., & Hughes, B. S. 2016. A Proposed Protocol of Multimedia Optimized Production for STEAM E-Learning. Book Chapter: Revolutionizing Education through Web-Based Instruction, IGI Global. 72-91.
SELECTED ABSTRACT: Hughes B, Wong J. Effectiveness of Online Professional Development Teaching Science Through Arts: Evaluation of Teachers' Self-Efficacy and Perceptions [abstract]. In: AERA Annual Meeting Proceedings: Accepting Educational Responsibility; 2021 Apr 8-12; Virtual. Washington, DC: AERA; 2021. (
SELECTED ABSTRACT: Wong J, Hughes B. Quality Matters: Designing Effective Online Teacher Professional Development Certificate Program for Elementary Science Instruction [abstract]. In: AERA Annual Meeting Proceedings: Accepting Educational Responsibility; 2021 Apr 8-12; Virtual. Washington, DC: AERA; 2021. (
SELECTED ABSTRACT: Hughes B, Greenfader CM, Andersen S, Wong J, Bailey D. Evaluation of Inquiry and Arts Methods to Reverse the Science Misconceptions of Fourth Graders [abstract]. In: AERA Annual Meeting Proceedings: The Dreams, Possibilities, and Necessity of Public Education; 2018 Apr 13-17; New York (NY). Washington, DC: AERA; 2018. Poster Abstract nr S13-6. (
SELECTED ABSTRACT: Hughes B, Kalinowski R, Greenfader CM, Zinger D, Grove D, Bailey D, Ray A. (2017, May). Evaluation of a Large-Scale Science Teaching Intervention Employing Arts-Integrated Instruction [abstract]. In: AERA Annual Meeting Proceedings: Knowledge to Action: Achieving the Promise of Equal Educational Opportunity; 2017 Apr 27 – May 1; San Antonio (TX). Washington, DC: AERA; 2017. Abstract nr 72.049-14-1. (
SELECTED ABSTRACT: Hughes B, Kalinowski R, Zinger D, Ray A, Grove D, Bailey D, Greenfader CM. Improving Science Learning Through Integrating the Arts [abstract]. In: 2016 Annual International Conference Abstracts, National Association for Research in Science Teaching (NARST); 2016 Apr 14-22; Baltimore (MD). Reston (VA): NARST; 2016. (Page 87 of
Hughes, Bradley S (Principal Investigator), "ESCAPE: Equitable Science Curriculum Integrating Arts in Public Education," NSF DRL-1321343, $6,438,103.00. (2013-2020)
Hughes, Bradley S (Principal Investigator), "UCI Cal Teach Noyce Summer Intern & Scholarships," NSF-Noyce-0934928, $900,000.00. (2009-2017)
Hughes, Bradley S (Principal Investigator), "Improving Teacher Quality Teaching Artists Program," ITQ-10-710, $1,101,427.00. (2010-2014)
Hughes, Bradley S (Co-Principal Investigator), "Collaborative Proposal: Cyanophage-Synechococcus Interactions in Complex Communities," NSF - National Science Foundation, NSF-1332740, $823,576.00. (2013-2017)
Hughes, Bradley S (Co-Principal Investigator), "Flow Sensing in the Lateral Line System of Zebrafish Larvae," NSF-0723288, $186,829.00. (2007-2010)
Hughes, Bradley S (Initial Outreach Specialist), "Connections among Genotype, Phenotype and Fitness in Escherichia coli High Temperature Lines," NSF-1257427, $659,762.00. (2013-2016)
Hughes, Bradley S (Media Production Lab Director), "UBM-Institutional: UCI Mathematical and Computational Biology for Undergraduates (MCBU)," NSF- 1129008, $803,428.00. (2011-2016)
Hughes, Bradley S (Co-Principal Investigator), "Collaborative Research: Evolutionary Ecology of Marine Cyanophages," NSF-1031783, $813,207.00. (2010-2013)
Hughes, Bradley S (Co-Director), "National Math and Science Initiative," NMSIUTEACH- 42818, $2,400,000.00. (2008-2013)
Hughes, Bradley S (Co-Researcher and Educational Institute Coordinator), "Experimental Evolutionary Studies of Temperature," NSF-0748903, $900,000.00. (2008-2012)
Hughes, Bradley S (Summer Institute Instructor), "Innovating Graduate and K-12 Education," NSF-0638751, $2,587,044.00. (2007-2012)
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National Association for Research in Science Teaching
American Educational Researchers Association
Association of American Geographers
The Society for the Study of Evolution
American Anthropological Association
Human Behavior & Evolution Society
Evolutionary Anthropology Society
National Association of Broadcasters
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