Evan Schofer

picture of Evan  Schofer

Professor, Sociology
School of Social Sciences

Ph.D., Stanford University, 1999, Sociology

Email: schofer@uci.edu

University of California, Irvine

Irvine, CA 92697
Research Interests
Comparative Political Sociology; Sociology of Education; Quantitative Methods and Statistics; Globalization; Sociology of the Environment; Organizations; Sociology of Science.
2011. “The Structural Sources of Association.” American Journal of Sociology, 117, 2: 539-585. (E. Schofer and W. Longhofer)
2010. “National and Global Origins of Environmental Association.” American Sociological Review, 75: 505-533. (W. Longhofer and E. Schofer)
2006. “Environmentalism, Globalization, and National Economies: Theories and Evidence, 1980-2000.” Social Forces, 85, 2:965-991. (E. Schofer and F. Granados)
2006. “Student Achievement and National Economic Growth?” American Journal of Education, 113 (November):1-29. (F. Ramirez, X. Luo, E. Schofer, and J. Meyer)
2005. “The World-Wide Expansion of Higher Education in the Twentieth Century.” American Sociological Review, 70:898-920. (E. Schofer and John Meyer)
2005. “The Effects of World Society on Environmental Protection Outcomes.” Social Forces, 84, 1:25-47. (E. Schofer and A. Hironaka)
2003. “The Global Institutionalization of Geological Science, 1800-1990.” American Sociological Review, 68 (Dec): 730-759. (E. Schofer)
2001. “The Structural Contexts of Civic Engagement: Voluntary Association Membership in Comparative Perspective.” American Sociological Review, 66 (Dec): 806-828. (E. Schofer and M. Gourinchas)
2000. “The Effects of Science on National Economic Development, 1970-1990.” American Sociological Review, 65 (Dec): 866-887. (E. Schofer, F. Ramirez, J. Meyer)
2000. “The Nation State and the Natural Environment over the Twentieth Century.” American Sociological Review, 65 (Feb): 96-116. (D. Frank, A. Hironaka, and E. Schofer)
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