Charles Anthony Smith

Associate Dean, DCE and Professor of Political Science
School of Social Sciences

Ph.D., University of California - San Diego, 2004, Political Science

Phone: (949) 824-7948

University of California, Irvine
510 East Peltason Drive
Suite 5000
Mail Code: 5700
Irvine, CA 92697

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law and legal institutions; US politics, globalization, international law, comparative law
URLs The Rise and Fall of War Crimes Trials from Charles I to Bush II (Cambridge University Press)
Globalizing Human Rights emerging issues and approaches (Routledge)
Understanding the Political World 12th Ed.
"Opinion Backlash and Public Attitudes: Are Political Advances in Gay Rights Counterproductive?" American Journal of Political Science
Gerrymandering in America, the House of Representatives, the Supreme Court, and the Future of Popular Sovereignty (Cambridge University Press)
UCI Division of Continuing Education
My research is grounded in the contestation over rights in the US and in global, international, and comparative frameworks using a variety of methodologies. The unifying theme of my research is how law and legal institutions fulfill or inhibit rights.
Publications BOOKS

2016 Gerrymandering in America: The House of Representatives, The Supreme Court, and The Future of Popular Sovereignty. forthcoming Cambridge University Press (with Anthony J. McGann, Michael Latner, and Alex Keena)
  2015 Understanding the Political World, A Comparative Introduction to Political Science 12th Edition , Pearson , (with James N. Danziger)
  2012/2014 The Rise and Fall of War Crimes Trials From Charles I to Bush II
Cambridge University Press, paperback released 2014
  2013 Globalizing Human Rights:Emerging Issues and Approaches (Routledge)
2015 "Opinion Backlash and Public Attitudes: Are Political Advances in Gay Rights Counterproductive?" with Benjamin G. Bishin, Thomas J. Hayes, Matthew B. Incantalupo, American Journal of Political Science dpi/10.1111/ajps.12181
(winner of the 2015 APSA Law & Courts Section Best Conference Paper Award
and the 2014 Bailey Award presented by the APSA LGBT Caucus)

2015 “INGOs and the UN Trafficking Protocol” (with Cynthia Florentino) in Sexual Crimes: Transnational Problems and Global Perspectives eds. Alissa Ackerman and Rich Furman, Columbia University Press
  2015 “Towards Justice: Neuroscience and Affirmative Defenses at The ICC” (with Adam Shniderman) Studies in Law, Politics, and Society vol. 66 (87-113)
  2014 “The Cites That Counted: A Decade of Bush v. Gore Jurisprudence” in Election Reform in the United States after Bush v. Gore eds. Michael Alvarez and Bernard Grofman (Cambridge University Press)
  2013 When Do Legislators Defy Popular Sovereignty? Testing Minority Representation using DOMA (with Benjamin G. Bishin) Political Research Quarterly 66(4):794-803.
  2013 "Drift, Draft, or Drag: How U.S. Supreme Court Justices React to New Members" (with Oleg Smirnov) Justice System Journal Vol 34:2 pp. 228-245
  2013 The International Criminal Court: Globalizing Peace or Justice? (with Antonio Gonzalez)in The Politics of the Globalization of Law ed. Alison Brysk (Routledge)
  2012 “Human Trafficking and International Cheap Talk: the Dutch Government and the Island Territories” (with Heather Smith-Cannoy) in Journal of Human Rights Vol. 11:1 pp. 51-65
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  2011 “Gay, Straight, or Questioning? Sexuality and Political Science” PS:Political Science & Politics. Vol. 44:01, pp. 35-38.
  2011 Human Trafficking in Conflict Zones: The Role of Peacekeepers in the Formation of Networks (with Brandon Miller de la Cuesta) in Human Rights Review Vol. 12:3 pp. 287-299.
  2011 Ego-Panopticism: The Evolution of Individual Power (with Thomas Bellier and John Altick) in New Political Science Vol. 33:1 pp. 45-58
  2011 "Human Trafficking:The Unintended Effects of UN Intervention" in the International Political Science Review (with Heather Smith) Vol. 32:2 pp. 139-160.
  2010 "Court Reform in Transitional States: Chile and the Philippines"in Journal of International Relations and Development (with Mark J. Farrales)13:2 pp.163-193
  2009 "Embedded Realpolitick? Reevaluating United States' Opposition to the International Criminal Court" (with Heather M. Smith) in Governance, Order, and the International Criminal Court, Steven Roach, ed. Oxford University Press pp. 29-53
  2008 “Credible Commitments and The Early American Supreme Court” Law & Society Review Vol. 42:1 pp. 75-110

2007 “Judicialization: The Key to European Unification and Expansion” in The State of the European Union, ed. Yannis Stivachtis, Ashgate Publishers. p. 127-139.

2007 “The Suits That Counted: The Judicialization of Presidential Elections After Bush v. Gore” (with Christopher Shortell) Election Law Journal Aug vol 6:3 pp 251-265.

2007 “The Electoral Capture Of Gay And Lesbian Americans: Evidence and Implications from The 2004 Election” in Studies in Law, Politics, and Society
vol 40 pp 103-121.

2006 “The Electoral Dis-Connection: Institutional Barriers to US Support for the ICC” (with Heather M. Smith) in Eyes on the ICC, Vol. 3: I pp. 1-31.

2005 “The Institutional Stability Of The Judiciary And The External Shock Of Terrorism” (with Christopher Shortell) in Judicature, volume 88 No. 4 Jan-Feb

2003 "Secession Crises, Human Welfare, And Conflict Resolution" (with Ned Basic and David Goetze) in Conflict, Security, & Development 3:2 August

2000 "Reports of Ethnic Violence as Spurs to Conflict Mobilization"
in Research Papers of the Human Rights Conflict Prevention Center
University of Bihac, Bosnia (with David Goetze) .

1999 "The Primacy of Politics: Justice, Power and War Crimes Trials"
in The Online Journal of Peace and Conflict Resolution Issue 2.3,
Grant National Science Foundation SES-1423578, When Do States Domesticate International Law (with Mark Berlin)($21,630)
Other Experience Juris Doctorate
University of Florida 1987

Graduate Programs Political Science

Research Center Center for the Study of Democracy
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