Matt McHenry

picture of Matt  McHenry

Professor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
School of Biological Sciences

Ph.D., U.C. Berkeley, 2002, Integrative Biology

Phone: (949) 302-7325
Fax: (949) 824-2181

University of California, Irvine
Department of Ecology & Evolution
5205 McGaugh (Lab: 5346 McGaugh)
Mail Code: 2525
Irvine, CA 92697
Research Interests
Biomechanics, Locomotion, Sensory Biology
The University of Groningen, The Netherlands, 2004 - 2005.
Harvard University, 2002 - 2004.
Research Abstract
We use a combination of theory and experimentation to understand animal biomechanics. The current focus of the lab is on understanding how the sensory and motor systems of fish mediate predator-prey interactions.
Research Center
Center for Organismal Biology
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