Stephanie McEwan

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Senior Lecturer (Vol) and Attending Staff (Vol), Clinical, Teaching and Research - Department of Psychological Science, Biological Sciences, Medicine & Surgery.

BA, Philosophy, Classical Civilization, Physics & Astronomy (minor); MSTP Academic Medicine, University of California; JD Degree, American College School of Law; PsyD/PhD Dissertation (Clinical Psychology).


University of California, Irvine
Department of Psychological Science/Medicine & Surgery
SBSG 4201
Mail Code: 7085
Irvine, CA 92697
Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Trauma Medicine & Neurotrauma. UC Medical Center - Medical Scientist Residency - MSTP Academic, Clinical and Research Fellowship.
Fellowship, Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology. UCLA Medical Center/UCIMC.
USSA Sport Sciences Externship - Applied Sport Psychology. United States Olympic Training Center. Colorado Springs, Colorado. Experience working with Olympic, Professional and NCAA Athletes.
Research Abstract
Trauma Medicine & Clinical Neuroscience.
Sport Psychology & Clinical Psychology (applied sport psychology & clinical psychology).
Medical Science & Surgery (academic medicine/cryogenic surgery research).
Feline Veterinary Medicine (feline infectious disease, fluconazole and feline cryptococcal antigen tests).
Short Biography
After graduating from UC Irvine, Dr. McEwan earned a law degree and doctoral degree in clinical psychology. Following academic MSTP medical science studies, she completed fellowships in trauma medicine, neurotrauma and clinical psychology. She is board-certified and has independent research interests dedicated to medical science and feline infectious diseases. Dr. McEwan is the original founder of Neurobiology N170 (Clinical Neuroscience); Psychological Science PSCI 160C (Clinical Neuroscience); and Psychological Science PSCI 139H (Clinical Sport Psychology).
* Special Research Interest: Feline Infectious Diseases - Domestic Cats.
* Faculty Advisor, Campus Organization: Pre-Veterinary Medicine Students.
Feline Nasopharyngeal Cryptococcosis (pending)
Novac, A., McEwan, S., & Bota, R.G. (2014). Negative rumor: Contagion of a psychiatric department. Primary Care Companion CNS Disorders, 16(2), 1-5.
McEwan, S.A. (1989). Orthopaedic management of Pellagrini-Stieda Disease - clinical observations. Journal of Neurological and Orthopaedic Medicine and Surgery, 10, 333-334.
McEwan, S.A. (1988). Neuropsychiatric liability associated with a patient's prospective commission of a dangerous tort. Journal of Neurological and Orthopaedic Medicine and Surgery, 9, 85-88.
McEwan, S.A. (1987). Principles of experimental cryogenic surgery. Journal of Neurological and Orthopaedic Medicine and Surgery, 8, 313-316.
Motion Picture: "I Slept with Freud" © 2015 Stephanie McEwan.
A student is visited in a dream by a group of famous analysts who provide educational, biographical and contemplative counsel based on their own theoretical orientations.
Professional Societies
American Academy of Neurology
Nu Rho Psi (Neuroscience Honor Society)
Sigma Xi (Scientific Research Honor Society)
Eta Sigma Phi (Classics Honor Society)
Sigma Pi Sigma/SPS/AIP (Physics Honor Society)
American Psychological Association
Society of Critical Care Medicine
International Society for Companion Animal Infectious Disease
Other Experience
Research Assistant to Frederick Reines, PhD (1995 Nobel Prize in Physics)
University of California Irvine Neutrino Physics Laboratory.

Graduate Programs
Medical Scientist Training Program

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