Bliss Cua Lim

Felicidad "Bliss" Cua Lim

Associate Professor, Film & Media Studies
School of Humanities

Ph.D., New York University, 2001, Cinema Studies

B.A., University of the Philippines, Diliman, 1990, Comparative Literature

Phone: (949) 824-9431, 5386

University of California, Irvine
2214 Humanities Gateway Building
Mail Code: 2435
Irvine, CA 92697

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Philippine cinema; cinematic temporality; queer temporality; moving image archives; postcolonial and feminist film theory; transnational Asian cinemas
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The Culture of Time: An Interview with Bliss Cua Lim (2011)
Visiting Research Fellowship, Kyoto University Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Dec 2012-June 2013

John Hope Franklin Book Honoree for 2009, Translating Time: Cinema, The Fantastic, and Temporal Critique

Humanities Associates Faculty Teaching Award for 2006

New Faculty Initiative Award, UCI Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor, 2001-2003

Fulbright-Hayes Scholarship, 1993-1994
Publications Books

Translating Time: Cinema, the Fantastic, and Temporal Critique

• Duke University Press, 2009. Selected John Hope Franklin Book.
• Ateneo de Manila University Press, 2011. Philippine Edition.

Book Chapters (with links to full text PDF)

1. “A Pan-Asian Cinema of Allusion: Going Home and Dumplings”, in A Companion to Hong Kong Cinema, ed. Esther M.K. Cheung, Gina Marchetti, and Esther C.M. Yau (Wiley Blackwell, 2015), 410-439.
PDF available at:

2. “Sharon’s Noranian Turn: Stardom, Race, and Language in Philippine Cinema”, in Stars in World Cinema: Screen Icons and Star Systems Across Cultures, ed. Andrea Bandhauer and Michelle Royer (London and New York: IB Tauris, 2015), 169-183.
PDF available at:

3. “Fandom, Consumption, and Collectivity in the Philippine New Cinema: Nora and the Noranians”, in The Precarious Self: Women and the Media in Asia, ed. Youna Kim (Palgrave Macmillan, 2012), 179-203.
PDF available at:

4. “Gambling on Life and Death: Neoliberal Rationality and the Films of Jeffrey Jeturian”, Neoliberalism and Global Cinema: Capital, Culture, and Marxist Critique, ed. Jyotsna Kapur and Keith B. Wagner (Routledge: New York and London, 2011), 279-305.
PDF available at:

5. “Generic Ghosts: Remaking the New ‘Asian Horror Film’”, Hong Kong Film, Hollywood And The New Global Cinema ed. Gina Marchetti and Tan See Kam (London and New York: Routledge, 2007), 109-125.
PDF available at:

6. “Serial Time: Bluebeard in Stepford”, Film and Literature: A Reader ed. Robert Stam (Oxford: Blackwell Publishing Ltd., 2005) 163-190.
PDF available at:

7. “True Fictions, Women’s Narratives, and Historical Trauma”, Geopolitics of the Visible: Essays on Philippine Film Cultures, ed. Rolando B. Tolentino, (Quezon City: Ateneo de Manila University Press, 2000) 145-161.
PDF available at:

Edited Scholarly Journal

Discourse, Special Issue: Translation and Embodiment in Asian Film and Media
31.3 (Fall 2009).

Journal Articles (with links to full text PDF)

1. "Queer Aswang Transmedia: Folklore as Camp", Kritika Kultura 24 (2015): 178-225.
PDF available at:
AND at

2. “A Brief History of Archival Advocacy for Philippine Cinema”, 2013 Philippine Cinema Heritage Summit: A Report (Manila: National Film Archives of the Philippines, 2013), pp. 14-20.
PDF available at:

3. “Analysis and Recommendations in the wake of the 2013 Philippine Cinema Heritage Summit”, 2013 Philippine Cinema Heritage Summit: A Report (Manila: National Film Archives of the Philippines, 2013), pp. 26-32.
PDF available at:

4. "Archival Fragility: Philippine Cinema and the Challenge of Sustainable Preservation”, Kyoto Center for Southeast Asian Studies Newsletter (Spring 2013): 18-21.
PDF available at:

5. “On Retrospective Reception: Watching LVN Pictures at the Cinemalaya Film Festival”, Flow 12.6 (August 13, 2010).

6. “Pepot and the Archive: Cinephilia and the Archive Crisis of Philippine Cinema”, Flow 12.3 (July 2, 2010).

7. “Introduction: The Afterlives of Embodied Translations”, Discourse 31.3 [Special Issue: Translation and Embodiment in National and Transnational Asian Film and Media] (Fall 2009): 185-194. [Wayne State University Press.]
PDF available at:

8. “Sharon’s Noranian Turn: Stardom, Embodiment, and Language in Philippine Cinema”, Discourse 31.3 [Special Issue: Translation and Embodiment in National and Transnational Asian Film and Media] (Fall 2009): 318-358. [Wayne State University Press.]
PDF available at:

9. “Remade in Silence: Silvia’ Kolbowski’s ‘A Film Will Be Shown without the Sound’”, Art Journal 66.3 [College Art Association] Fall 2007. 85-87.

10. “Cult Fiction: Himala and Bakya Temporality”, Spectator 24. 2 [Special Issue, Screening Southeast Asia] (Fall 2004): 61-72. [University of Southern California Press].
PDF available at:

11. “American pictures made by Filipinos”: Eddie Romero’s Jungle-Horror Exploitation Films”, Spectator 22.1 [Special Issue, East Asian Images in Transnational Flux] (Spring 2002): 23-45. [University of Southern California Press].
PDF available at:

12. “Spectral Times: The Ghost Film as Historical Allegory”, positions: east asia cultures critique 9.2 [Special Issue, Asia/Pacific Cinemas: A Spectral Surface] (Fall 2001): 287-329. [Duke University Press]
PDF available at:

13. “Dolls in Fragments: Daisies as Feminist Allegory”, Camera Obscura 47 16.2 (Fall 2001): 37-77. [Duke University Press]
PDF available at:

14. “Crisis or Promise: New Directions in Philippine Cinema” IndieWire August 14, 2000. Available at:

15. “In the Navel of The Sea Shines at Filipino Film Showcase” IndieWire September 9,1998.
Available at:

16. “Monstrous Makers, Bestial Brides: Situating Eddie Romero’s B-Horror Films in An Intricate Web of Histories”, Journal of English Studies and Comparative Literature 1.2 (January 1998): 37-61. [University of the Philippines Press]

17. “The Politics of Horror: The Aswang in Film”, Asian Cinema 9.1 (Fall1997): 81-98. [Asian Cinema Studies Society]

18. “Perfumed Nightmare and The Perils Of Jameson’s ‘New Political Culture’”, Philippine Critical Forum 1.1 (1995) 24-37. [National Commission for Culture and the Arts, Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines]

Poetry and Creative Writing

1. “Meanwhile and Elsewhere.” The Manila Chronicle, Newspaper Column, 1995-1996.
2. Poems from Two Places. (Manila: Anvil, 1995).

3. And If I Were this Poem and Other Poems. (Manila: Vera Reyes, 1987).
Other Experience Editorial Advisory Board Member
Camera Obscura: A Journal of Feminism, Culture, and Media

Editorial Advisory Board Member
Plaridel: A Philippine Journal of Communication, Media, and Society

Graduate Programs Visual Studies

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