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Carolyn Patricia Boyd

Dean, Research and Graduate Studies

Professor, History
School of Humanities

Ph.D., University of Washington, 1974, History

Phone: (949) 824-1511
Fax: (949) 824-9096

University of California, Irvine

Research Interests
Modern Spain, Modern Europe, Political and Cultural History
Research Abstract
As a historian of modern Spain, I have been concerned to understand Spain's difficult path towards political and cultural modernization. My first book analyzed civil-military relations in the years leading up to the military dictatorship of General Primo de Rivera (1923-30), with the goal of understanding the origins of twentieth century Spanish praetorianism. Since its publication, I have written a series of articles that focus on other periods when military intervention shaped the course of Spanish politics. Currently, I am collecting material for a political biography of General Valeriano Weyler, a general who played a leading role in military and civilian affairs in the six decades between the Restoration of the parliamentary monarchy in 1875 and the creation of the Second Republic in 1931.

More recently, my research has explored the intersection of culture and politics--in particular, the problematic character of Spanish nationalism. My second book examined the way in which groups contesting political power in Spanish society sought to control how history was taught in Spanish primary and secondary schools in the period 1875-1975. Completion of the project required multiple levels of analysis--of Spanish education, Spanish historiography, Spanish nationalism, and representations of national identity. My current research deals with the construction and political significance of commemorative monuments in modern Spain.

Praetorian Politics in Liberal Spain (1979; revised Spanish edition, 1990).

Historia Patria : Politics, History and National Identity in Spain , 1875-1975 (1997; Spanish edition, 2000).

Religión y política en la España contemporánea (coord.). Madrid: Centro de Estudios Políticos y Constitucionales (forthcoming).

Recent Articles:

"Madre Espana: Libros de texto patrioticos y socializacion politica, 1900-1950," Historia y Política 1 (1999)

"History, Politics and Culture, 1936-1975," in The Cambridge Companion to Modern Spanish Culture (1999).

"La violencia pretoriana, del Cu -Cut! a 23-F," in Violencia política en la España del siglo XX (2000).

"El hispanismo norteamericano y la historiografia de la Espana contemporanea en la dictadura franquista," Historia Contemporánea (2000).

"The Army and Politics in Spain, 1808-1874," in Spanish History Since 1808 (2000).

“The Second Battle of Covadonga: The Politics of Commemoration in Modern Spain,” History and Memory 14, 1/2 (2002): 37-64.

“La imagen de España en los Estados Unidos de América,” Investigaciones Históricas 22 (2002): 317-28.

“El Rey-soldado: Alfonso XIII y el ejército,” in Alfonso XIII, un político en el trono, Javier Moreno Luzón, ed. Madrid: Marcial Pons Historia, 2003, pp. 213-37.

“Ejército y política en el reinado de Alfonso XIII, 1902-1931,” in Armée et société en Espagne, Jean-Claude Rabaté, ed. Nantes: Editions du Temps, 2003.

“El debate sobre la nación en los libros de textos españoles, 1875-1936,” in Los usos públicos de la historia, Juan José Carreras and Carlos Forcadell, eds. Madrid: Marcial Pons, 2004.

“Un lugar de memoria olvidado: el Panteón de Hombres Ilustres en Madrid,” Historia y Política 12 (2004/2): 15-40.

“Julio Antonio, el Escultor de la Raza: La creación de un mito modernista,” in Cultura,formas de representación y la lógica de los objetos: España 1850-2000, Malcolm Compitello and Edward Baker, eds. (Madrid: Alianza Editorial, forthcoming).

“Covadonga y el regionalismo asturiano,” Ayer (forthcoming).

“Los paisajes míticos en la creación de las identidades regionales y nacionales: el caso de Covadonga ” in Religión y politica en la España contemporánea, Carolyn P. Boyd, ed., (Madrid : Centro de Estudios Políticos y Constitucionales, forthcoming).

“De la memoria oficial a la memoria histórica: la guerra civil y la dictadura en los textos escolares, 1939 al presente,” in Santos Juliá, ed., Memoria de la guerra civil y del franquismo (Madrid , forthcoming).
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