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Ph.D., University of Michigan

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Chaucer, Gower, fifteenth-century poetry; exemplary literature, romance, chronicle, episodic form; intersections between ethics and politics, politics and religion; hospitality, sovereignty, legal and constitutional history of England.
My first book, False Fables and Exemplary Truth in Later Middle English Literature, came out from Palgrave in 2005. That book examined literary reception as a locus of both moral certitude and ethical interrogation in medieval exemplary texts. My current project is more historicist in orientation, though I remain fundamentally concerned with the symbolic action of medieval narratives. Uncertain Refuge: Ideas of Sanctuary in Medieval English Literature, explores the ramifications of seeking sanctuary in holy places--an essential aspect of the judicial system and a crucial medieval form of hospitality. Despite the legal codification of sanctuary in medieval England, narratives of the practice recount the continual re-mapping of space and social relations in saints' lives, chronicles, polemics, and literary texts. I draw on legal and constitutional history to explore the symbolic consequences of sanctuary for not only fugitives, but their protectors, sovereigns, and pursuers as well.
Publications Books
  Uncertain Refuge: Ideas of Sanctuary in Medieval English Literature, book in progress

False Fables and Exemplary Truth in Later Middle English Literature, Palgrave, 2005
  Selected Articles

“Sanctuary Consciousness in the Second Nun’s Tale,” in progress.

“Sovereign Adjustments: Roger Wendover, Matthew Paris, and Hubert de Burgh in Sanctuary,” under submission.

“Flowing Backward to the Source: Criseyde’s Promises and the Ethics of Allusion,” forthcoming in Speculum 88.2 (April 2013).

"'As mote in at a munster dor': Rioters, Rebels, and Jonah in the Whale," Philological Quarterly 87 (2008)."The Episodic," Twenty-first Century Approaches to Literature: Middle English, ed. Paul Strohm (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2007), 191-206.
  "Newfangled Readers in Gower's Apollonius of Tyre," Studies in the Age of Chaucer 29 (2007), 419-64.
  "Chaucer Answers Gower: Constance and the Trouble With Reading," English Literary History 63 (1997).
Grant Huntington Library Year-long Fellowship, ACLS Fellowship, 2011-12.
John Gower Society
Medieval Academy of America
Modern Language Association
New Chaucer Society
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