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B.A., Rice University

M.S., University of Southern California

Ph.D., University of Colorado

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University of California, Irvine
School of Education
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Irvine, CA 92697

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Educational Policy, Learning through the Arts
URLs Journal for Learning through the Arts
Arts and Literacy Project: Kindergarten to Grade 2
Publications Greenfader, C.M. & Brouillette, L. (In Press). The arts, the common core, and English language development in the primary grades. Teachers College Record 119(10).
Downloadable pdf:
  Greenfader, C.M., Brouillette, L. & Farkas, G. (2015). Effect of a performing arts program on the oral language skills of young English learners. Reading Research Quarterly 50(2), pp. 185-203. doi:10.1002/rrq.90
Downloadable pdf:
  Brouillette, L., Grove, D. & Hinga, B. (2015). How arts integration has helped K-2 teachers to boost the language development of ELLs. Journal of School Leadership 25(2), pp. 286-312.
  Brouillette, L. Childress-Evans, K., Hinga, B. & Farkas, G. (2014). Increasing the school engagement and oral language skills of ELLs through arts integration in the primary grades. Journal for Learning through the Arts 10(1).
Downloadable pdf:
  Greenfader, C.M. & Brouillette, L. (2013). Boosting language skills of ELLs through dramatization and movement. The Reading Teacher, 67(3), 171–180. DOI:10.1002/TRTR.1192
Downloadable pdf:
  Richardson, R. & Brouillette, L. (2013). Historic and ethnic music found to increase geographic understanding: A quasi-experimental study. Journal for Learning through the Arts 9(1).
Downloadable pdf:
  Brouillette, L. & Missakian, I. (2012). Stages of learning: Theater and language in San Diego schools. Boom: A Journal of California 2(2), 70-75.
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Grants $1,000,000 Improving Teacher Quality Grant, 2010-14
$858,000 Improving Teacher Quality, 2007-11
$250,000 National Geographic Education Foundation
$759,002 Eisenhower Grant, 2002-2004
$6,438,103 NSF Math Science Partnership (Co-PI/Project Director) 2013-18
$414,764 Arts in Education Model Development and Dissemination Subaward 2010-14
Research Center Center for Learning in the Arts and Sciences
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