Catherine Diamond

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Clinical Professor
School of Medicine

Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine, Epidemiology
School of Medicine

Researcher, Genetic Epidemiology Research Institute

M.D., Albany Medical College
M.P.H., University of Washington

Phone: (714) 456-7612
Fax: (714) 456-7169

University of California, Irvine
UCI Medical Center - 101 City Dr South
Bldg 53 - Room 219
Mail Code: 4081
Orange, CA 92868
Research Interests
HIV, AIDS, Kaposi's Sarcoma, Herpesviruses, American Indian/Native American
Research Abstract
My HIV/AIDS research concerns several areas:

1) Kaposi's sarcoma and human herpes virus eight, particularly the seroepidemiology of HHV-8 and its shedding in semen and saliva;
2) Other herpesvirus infections, HSV & CMV;
3) HIV in special populations such as youth and people of color, particularly epidemiology and risk behavior.
Diamond C, Huang M-L, Kedes DH, Speck C, Rankin GW, Ganem D, Coombs RW, Rose TM, Krieger JN, Corey L. Absence of Detectable Human Herpes Virus Eight in the Semen of HIV-Infected Men. "Journal of Infectious Disease"; 176: 775-777; 1997.
Diamond C, Brodie SJ, Huang M-L, Koelle DM, Diem K, Muthui D, Krieger JN, Corey L. Localization of Human Herpes Virus Eight (HHV-8) and HHV-8 Gene Expression in Prostate Tissue of Men with Kaposi’s Sarcoma. "Journal of Virology"; 72: 6223-7; 1998.
Diamond C, Thiede H, Perdue T, MacKellar D, Valleroy L, Corey L, and the Seattle Young Men's Survey Team. Seroepidemiology of Human Herpes Virus Eight among Young Men Who Have Sex with Men,"Sexually Transmitted Diseases"; 28: 176-183, 2001.
Diamond C, Taylor TH, Aboumrad T, Bringman D, Anton-Culver H. Anal Cancer among Men with AIDS in the Era of Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy. "Sex Transm Dis." 2005;32:314-320.
Diamond C, Taylor TH, Aboumrad T, Anton-Culver H. Decreased Incidence of and Improved Survival from AIDS-Related Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in the Era of Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy "Cancer" 2006;106(1):128-35.
Professional Societies
American Public Health Association
Infectious Diseases Society of America
Graduate Programs

Research Center
UC Irvine Genetic Epidemiology Research Institute (GERI)
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