Luis F Avilés

Associate Professor, Spanish and Portuguese
School of Humanities

PH.D., Brown University

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University of California, Irvine
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Golden Age Literature
My main research focuses on early modern Spanish literature and culture. After the publication of my first book on Baltasar Gracián and Baroque allegory, I developed a new project that explores spatial and visual representations in a number of early modern Spanish texts. I am finishing a book entitled Juegos visuales: espacio y mirada en la cultura literaria de los Siglos de Oro. The majority of the texts chosen in my study explore a notion of obstacle that allows for an active conception of vision, one that is mobile, asks questions, explores, and produces unanticipated perspectives and points of view. Early modern literary culture is not solely interested in the mystery of concealment and secrets, but rather in the process of making visible what stubbornly remains hidden or out of sight. This is precisely what is significant about the encounter with unfamiliarity, alterity, or difference at a literary and cultural level. I have published a number of articles on this subject and I am in the process of finishing the manuscript for publication.

I am also developing a third book project that explores the relationship between war and ethics in several early modern authors, particularly in Cervantes’s work. I am studying concepts such as hospitality, liberality, generosity, forgiveness, friendship, and gift-giving, and how these concepts are articulated by sixteenth and seventeenth century authors. On this new area of research, I have already published articles on military prudence and cleverness in Huarte de San Juan, as well as on the figure of the spectator as an ethical figure in Garcilaso de la Vega. I have also published articles on Cervantes’s Numancia and on the topic of liberality in El amante liberal.
Publications Lenguaje y crisis: las alegorías del Criticón. Madrid: Editorial Fundamentos, 1998.
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  Article - "Sor Juana en el punto de fuga: la mirada en Este que ves, engaño colorido". Bulletin of Hispanic Studies LXXVII: 413-431.
  Article - "Fortaleza tan guardada: casa, alegoría y melancolía en El celoso extremeño." Cervantes 18: 71-95.
  Article - "To the Frontier and Back: The Centrifugal and the Centripetal in Cervantes' Persiles y Sigismunda and Gracián's El Criticón." Symposium 50, num. 2: 141-163.
Fall 1996
  Article -"Contemplar mi stado: las posibilidades del yo en el soneto I de Garcilaso." Calíope Vol. 2, num. 1: 58-78.
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