Ira T. Lott

Professor & Chair, Pediatrics
School of Medicine

M.D., Ohio State University

Phone: (714) 456-5333
Fax: (714) 456-7658

University of California, Irvine
Bldg 2 3rd Floor Rt 81
101 The City Drive
Mail Code: 4482
Orange, CA 92668
Research Abstract
Research activities include Alzheimer Disease and Down Syndrome (Drs. Lott, Emerson, Haier and Touchette), morphometric analysis of developmental brain disorders (Dr. Filipek) and brain metabolism in developmental disabilities (Dr. Haier and associates).
Emerson JF; Chen PC; Shankle WR; Greensite FS; Foltz EL; Lott IT; Nalcioglu O. Cortical CSF volume fluctuations by MRI in brain aging, dementia and hydrocephalus. Neuroreport, 1994 Sep 8, 5(14):1699-704.
Lott IT; Lottenberg S; Nyhan WL; Buchsbaum MJ. Cerebral metabolic change after treatment in biotinidase deficiency. Journal of Inherited Metabolic Disease, 1993, 16(2):399-407.
Lott IT. The neurology of Alzheimer disease in Down syndrome. Progress in Clinical and Biological Research, 1992, 379:1-14.
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