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Research Interests
Clinical aspects of the gastrointestinal motor function
Academic Distinctions
The Best Doctor in America Award, 1996
The Best Doctor in America Award, 2005
The Best Doctor in America Award, 2007
The Best Doctor in America Award, 2009
The Best Doctor in America Award, 2011
The Best Doctor in America Award, 2015
The Best Doctor in America Award, 2016
The Best Doctor in America Award, 2017-18
Research Abstract
Gastrointestinal motor activities in health and disease is the major research interest of Dr. Meshkinpour. He is investigating how movements of gastrointestinal wall may affect normal bowel function and how these movements are influenced by different disease processes. In particular, he is concerned with the application of these findings to understand the irritable bowel syndrome and swallowing difficulties, the two most common gastrointestinal motor disorders.

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