Sing Yung Wu

Professor in Residence, Radiological Sciences
School of Medicine

School of Medicine

Principle Investigator, Medical Center
School of Medicine

Ph.D., University of Washington, Seattle, 1969, Experimental Pathology

M.D., Johns Hopkins University, 1972, Medicine

Phone: (562) 826-5808
Fax: (562) 826-6775

University of California, Irvine
VAMCLB (114)
5901 E. 7th Street
Long Beach, CA 90822

Thyroid and Endocrine Imaging, Thyroid Hormone Metabolism, Marker For Fetal Thyroid Function
Dr. Wu is interested in an alternate sulfation pathway of thyroid hormone metabolism in the fetus and the fetal-to-maternal transfer of sulfated metabolites. High levels of sulfated thyroid hormone metabolites are found in fetuses. A new passage for fetal-to-maternal transfer of iodothyronines has been identified. Furthermore, a diiodothyronine sulfate (T2S)-like material, “Compound W,” is found in the serum of pregnant women and appears to be a thyroid hormone metabolite of fetal origin. Our goal is to establish “Compound W” as a serum marker for fetal thyroid function in pregnant women. He is interested in applying the RIA of Compound W” to identify congenital hypothyroidism and other fetal dysfunctions in utero. Various therapeutic approaches will be tried before birth to prevent serious complications (mainly mental retardations and neuromuscular abnormalities) in the fetuses whom are detected to have thyroid dysfunctions by “Compound W” assay on maternal sera. Collaborations are continuing both in the United States and abroad.
Publications Wu, S.Y., Thyroid Hormone Metabolism: Regulation and Clinical Implications, in Contemporary Endocrine Series, Blackwell Scientific Publication, Cambridge, MA, 1991.
  Wu, S.Y., Visser, T.J., Thyroid Hormone Metabolism: Molecular Biology and Alternate Pathways, CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL 1994.
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  Wu, S.Y. W.S. Huang, Ho E., Wu, E. S. C., Fisher, D. A., A 3,3’-diiodothyronine sulfate cross-reactive substance,compound W, in serum from pregnant women – a potential marker for fetal thyroid function, Pediatr Res 61: 307-312, 2007
  Wu, S. Y. , D. H. Polk, E. Ho, D. A. Fisher, 3’-Monoiodothyronine sulfate and triac sulfate are thyroid hormone metabolites in developing sheep, Pediat Res 63: 149-153. 2008.
  Vanmiddlesworth, L, N. R. Vanmiddlesworth, R. S. Egerman, A. J. Bush, R. D. Ramsey, L.P. Delmar, E. C. Ho, S. Y. Wu, thyroid function and 3,3’-diiodothyronine sulfate cross-reactive substance (compound w) in maternal hyperthyroidism with antithyroid treatment, Endocrine Pract 17: 00-00, 2011
Grant VA Merit Review Grants, SCIRE Research Fund
Am Thyroid Assoc, Soc Nuc Med, Endocrine Society
Graduate Programs Chemical Biology

Research Center VAMC Thyroid Research Lab, Long Beach, California
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